Thursday, May 13

Thursday update

Well, we went on a plan this morning to slowly wean from the supplemental feedings and the IV. We haven't supplemented since this morning, but have still be on the IV. We had a very bad number late morning which meant the nurse had to draw tons of blood to run some tests to rule out other causes of the problem. It also meant we will NOT be going home today. The good news is I fed him after the bad number and he ate pretty well. We then tested his sugars after that and they were good. We were shocked. We then tested before his last feeding and they were good again. So, we will test in the next hour and see. I am hoping if they are good we can turn the IV down and see if he tolerates that well. The nurse did say that it isn't common, but she has personally seen something like this and suddenly the baby just kicks in and regulates the sugars and they never know why it took so long or what was wrong. We are hoping that is the case and that there isn't something else going on. The good news is Benjamin is the cutest little guy alive. Man, I am tired of being in the hospital, but I decided that today I would take some breaks but spend a lot of time with him in the nursery. I realized that I get really anxious when I am not with him. But when I am, I feel totally calm and at peace and know everything will be alright. This has helped today.

After his last feeding I had to pump. While I was doing that he was awake in his bassinet. He started fussing and was good and crying when I finished. The second I picked him up he looked at me and calmed down immediately. I guess he just knew I was around and not holding him and decided that just wouldn't do!!! He must feel the void that I have felt when we aren't together. Here we spend 9 months as literally one being and then we are stripped away and not able to spend every waking second together like I usually do with my newborns. We both feel it. However, I do have to say we have had some very special bonding moments here that we wouldn't have had at home with his brother and sisters fighting over who gets to hold him. So, I will continue to relish in the quiet moments we have and savor these memories!!!


Jill Heaps said...

We will keep crossing our fingers! Seriously, enjoy the quiet moment since there isn't likely going to be many for a while :)

Koreena said...

What a roller coaster you've been on! I'm so glad you were able to make it to the hospital to give birth!! We'll keep Benjamin in our prayers (and you too of course!)