Wednesday, May 12

I Believe in Miracles

I truly am a believer in miracles and in the power of the priesthood. Last night Brad gave Benjamin a blessing. I won't go into the details except to say in part of the blessing the nurses and doctors were blessed through Benjamin to know what to do to help give him the best treatment and know what would be best for him. We tested his blood sugars and they were good. He then nursed pretty well. We gave him supplemental colostrum and formula. Later he spit a lot of it up, but his levels still stayed high. Which was great. At 10 we were able to drop his IV levels to an 8 and the nurse decided to not supplement because he nursed so well and she didn't want to fill him up too much and have him spit it all up. So, we had a huge amount of faith in her and her decision making. The great thing is this nurse, named Sherri, also had a huge amount of faith. She kept saying "this will work because he got a blessing." It was nice to have her added faith.

Well, she was right. His numbers stayed up all night and he kept nursing really well. At 1, since his number was around 68 we took the IV down to a 5. I was pretty nervous, but he ate really well. At 5 Sherri called me and said his numbers were at 74 and he was ready to eat. He was sleepy so that feeding wasn't quite as good, but it was still okay. I was nervous again this morning because we took the IV to a 2. However, this morning Baeta, Benjamin's daytime nurse that is also incredible, called to say his numbers were 58 which was still good so we could take him off the IV. I fed him and we took him off. We will test in 1 hour to see how those levels are. He needs two good levels off the IV to be able to bring him home . So, there is a chance he could come home this afternoon. If they aren't good we have to put him back on the IV and then start the weaning process again. We won't have to put him all the way back up to 11. I am just praying that they will stay good so I can take this little guy home. His brother and sisters are pretty anxious to see him. We didn't have them come yesterday as we didn't know how they would react to the feeding tube in his nose. I am praying for more miracles!!


Gregg Sorensen Family said...

Holy Cow Tam I think your nurse Sherrie is in my ward!! She is amazing!!! I am so glad to hear he is doing so well!!