Tuesday, May 18

Coming home pictures

Look how little he is. He only weighed 5 lbs 10 oz at this moment. I still can't believe there is a 3 lb difference between my smallest and largest babies. And, there was only a 5 or 6 day difference on gestational age.
Our favorite nurse, Beate. She was incredible. She was the daytime nurse all 5 days which was a miracle!!

So, I really struggled with the fact that with my last child I didn't get my normal hospital experience. I love sitting on my bed holding my baby hours on end, showing him off, bounding with Brad baby and I. Instead I had to hold him in a not as private nursery with cords all over him. However, we bonded and had more special moments than one normally would have. When we got to take Benjamin home they had us go in the room I had "rented" over night and get him ready while the nurses did a shift change. I really felt like we had contraband having him in there. It was a weird feeling. However, as I was changing him into clothes and then nursing him in the room I suddenly had the wonderful moment of what I usually have with all my babies. Peace and quiet in our own room. It was a wonderful way to end the crazy hospital ride. Normalcy. At that moment I knew we could take care of him and all would be well.