Thursday, September 2

Big boy

Benjamin is growing like a weed. He still isn't quite the chubbers my other kids have been at this stage, but he is getting bigger. Today he was wearing a romper that used to drown him and it is starting to get small. Don't worry, it is newborn, but is getting small. He is such a sweetie. He is spoiled with attention, which means he always wants it. As long as he can see me or someone else he is generally happy. He loves his swing, bouncy chair, and the bumbo. None of my other kids have had a bumbo. Let me tell you, I love it. He loves it. We are all happy!!

The First Day of.......

Welcome to the first days of many things for all of my kids. On August 25th it was the first day of school for Ryan and Makayla. Makayla was lucky enough to get Mr Rindlisbacher (he calls himself Mr Rindy) for 2nd grade. Ryan LOVED him when he had him in 2nd grade and we were all thrilled that Makayla got him. In fact, I have decided to be one of the two room mothers for him this year. I thought it would be nice for me to be a room mom for each of my kids once (or at least assistant room mom). I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but I think this will be a great class for it. So, I guess I also made the list of firsts as this is my first room mom experience. Makayla also had a first....her first cavity filled. It actually was 4 cavities. Man, we now know she has teeth to really watch. We have stepped up the brushing and flossing in hopes of preventing more!! Makayla is my first child to have a cavity. Not too bad. She did really really well. Her poor lip is swollen. I think she bit it when it was numb. But bless her heart, she hasn't complained once.
Ryan with his two best friends. They had arranged to wear matching shirts...which says "Smooth like butta!!"

Ryan got Mrs Rivera. He actually had gotten a different teacher and I fought to get him changed. I usually don't like to rock the boat at all but really felt it was best in this case. This teacher will work him hard and help him learn how to really be responsible and organized. He is excited because this is his first time being in class with one of his friends (his best friend Ben...they had better behave!!)

Ryan ready for 4th grade
On August 25th Becca had her first day of dance. She was quite excited to go, but didn't want to stay. Finally with 15 minutes left she got into it. This last week didn't go too much better. They are looking to get a teachers aid, which would be great. All Becca needs is someone to literally hold her hand for a few minutes and walk her through what they are doing and then she is okay. Becca is excited to be there with Libby.

On September 1st Ashlyn had her first day of Kindergarten. Boy was she excited. She didn't understand that she goes 1 hour and 15 min after Ryan and Makayla goes to school. It was the longest hour ever!! She LOVED her first day. I can already, after two days, see her blossoming out of her timid shell.

This week was my first week teaching piano since having Benjamin. It actually went really well. I am not teaching quite as much so it is much more enjoyable. We are still getting into the swing of things, but we will get it!
The last first has to be one of the biggest ones of all. Benjamin watched his very first football game. And I am proud to say, it was a UTAH game!! He LOVED it. Of course, who wouldn't? All you BYU fans....don't answer that!!

We have had a very busy two weeks. It will be nice when life settles down more (hmmm.....that will never happen, will it.)