Sunday, September 13

Becca's Haircut

Life is full of ironies. Like the song "Ironic" it's like a free ride when you've already paid. Well, my ironies seem to come when I say something is doing better and then I find out....hmm, they really aren't. For example, at our neighborhood party I was talking with Jenene and later her husband about how Ashlyn and Brooke have seemed to really do better with not getting into trouble. Those two really were a pair for a while. I was super happy about this change. They play so well together that it is nice to know I don't have to worry as much about what they are doing.
Well, after talking with Rick at the neighborhood party I was chating with the ladies and holding Becca. I had noticed all day that her hair didn't look great. But, that is because she never lets me do it, or pulls it out right after I take care of it. As I was looking closer I realized, wait, it seems shorter in part of the back. So, I looked even closer and OH MY WORD.....I found this. You can kind of see in the back that her hair is cut right to the scalp. I quickly went down stairs and asked Ashlyn where she had been when she cut Becca's hair. She didn't deny it, but led me to the scene of the crime. Ryan's room. I didn't know we had scissors accessible. They were little kid scissors. Bless Ashlyn and Brooke's heart, they at least cleaned up their mess. I saw a little hair on the floor, and then found the rest in the garbage can. It was a sandwich baggy full. Ash got a little cut off and Brooke had a little cut off, but Becca got the brunt of it. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THEM? The next day as I was doing her hair I found several more horrible spots that had been cut. Three days later I called my friend Angie and asked her to fix the hair. Becca now has a cute little A line cut. It actually is nice because it looks cute not done, which is always. I would really love to grow her hair out, but Ashlyn really seems against it!!!!

Piano Recital

We had a piano recital on Wednesday, September 2nd. I was not the greatest mom in making my kids practice this summer like they should. However, the last week they really worked hard and pulled it off. I was super proud of both of them. In fact, most of my students did really well, with the last week practice.

Ryan and Alyssa both have done festival for 3 years now and earned their 100 point gold cup. That is a lot of hard work. Good job you two.

Neighborhood Party

We had a fantastic neighborhood party that our neighbors the Jones' put together. The weekend before the party Brad and our Nate took down our fence, not for the party, but because he was given a new wooden fence we will put up between our homes. We decided to leave it down for the party. This made for a very fun party. We, as neighbors on airport dr, rented a huge water slide. It filled up most of the Jones' back yard. Having the fence down made it great so we could do the food on our side. The kids had whale of a good time. That slide was used for 4 hours straight. At the end of the night Diana Ware somehow talked all the women into going down in our clothes. I usually do not give into peer pressure, but somehow they coerced me....even in a white shirt. All was well, no worries. We really had a blast.

Becca wanted to go down the slide over and over again. Brad was such a good sport.
The kids had a blast laughing with the people coming down the slide.
The women had just as much gabbing with each other. We just don't get enough of it.
The other side of the party.

First Day of School

Ryan and Makayla could not wait for school. They were counting down the days. Ryan and Kayla are so excited for their new teachers. We have been so blessed with great teachers for my kids. It looks like this year is no exception. We are excited for what this year holds.

Ryan really wanted to wear his "Top 10 Reasons I couldn't finish my homework" shirt. We decided it was best for his teacher to get to know him first and then he could wear it. So, instead he put on his "BYU" shirt.

Isn't she gorgeous? My kids are getting too big too fast.

More August

A big event that happened in August was pack meeting. Ryan got quite a few awards from Day Camp in June. I never was a huge fan of Cub Scouts because I never understood it. I am now learning what a great thing it is for these young boys. They learn much and get recognized for it. Ryan loves getting awards, big and small.

The Monday after school started we went up the canyon with my parents. It was so beautiful, I don't know why we don't go up there more. Makayla had tons of fun with my camera. Don't worry, for her birthday I bought her her own camera since she is always wanting to use mine. here are some fun pictures she and I documented of the evening.

One advantage to Makayla taking pictures is we can actually get one of Brad and I.

Becca loves it when I nuzzle her neck. It tickles her like crazy, yet she begs for more!!!

I love this picture of Becca. Good job, Kayla.

There was this huge log that worked well as a teeter totter. The kids loved it.
Becca had to join in the fun of roasting marshmallows. Fortunately there weren't any incidents.
Another Beautiful shot by Makayla. She is getting good.
Why children love these shots, I don't know . But if I had a dollar for how many of these ends up on my camera I would be a millionaire.

Sunday, September 6

More August Joys

The biggest news in August is that we got a new addition to the Ginger.
Ryan and Kayla decided they wanted a bunny when they went to see new little ones born at our neighbors house at the beginning of the summer. We told them they could get one or two, HOWEVER, only if they earned the money for the rabbits, the cages, food, and the hutch (which was the biggest expense). Well, they worked hard all summer long and by August they had earned enough (and it was about $75 MORE than we thought it would be) and Ryan helped dad build the hutch which also helped him earn his Wolf Cub Scout badge.

I love this picture. You can see how happy Ryan was to help his dad build something. He really enjoyed the whole process.The kids absolutely love Ginger. We will be getting another bunny in a couple of months, as soon as he or she is born and can be weaned from his mother.

The Joys of August

Well, much has happened in August and now that it is September 6th I shall document. Maybe one of these days I will get caught up with my to do list. My one that has to do with photography, blogging, scrapbooking, etc is longer than my arm. It is crazy that August has come and gone. It started with a wonderful b-day bash for my incredible mother-in-law who turned 50. Yes, you read that right, my mother-in-law is only 50. And she doesn't even look it. We had an adult only birthday dinner at Bre's new house. We had all written favorite memories of mom and printed them on papers and posted them on the wall. Then we had fixed a meal we knew she would love. Lastly, we gave her what she always wanted..."Peace, Love, and Happiness" So, we couldn't actually give theose things, but Willow Tree makes a set of figurines which are called "Peace, Love, and Joy." Whenever we give mom a gift, it is always fun to see if we can make her cry....well.....The other joy of the evening was seeing my cute little nephew again, Easton. I can't get enough of this little guy.
All summer the kids worked extremely hard. Call us the worst parents in the world, but we actually made them do a list full of chores daily, read at least 20 min, practice the piano, do school workbooks, and a book report each month. Their "reward" besides increasing their brain cells, was a trip to Lagoon. The last Friday before school started we took the two oldest ones. We thought it would be fun to take just them so we could all goes on rides together. My little Kayla did all the big rides except Wicked (which was fine with me since last year I seriously thought Ryan was going to fall out of his seat.....seriously, it scared me to death).
I was super glad to take this picture. It meant they survived!!! Wicked really is one Wicked ride.
This is a picture of Ryan and Brad on Wicked. I missed my DSLR with my zoom lens, we took our small digital camera so you can't really see them. Man, am I spoiled or what?

Kayla loves me taking pictures of her. She especially wanted me to document her by the Colasses, which she rode on twice.
We loved Snakewater Rapids. The best/worst part is there is a HUGE waterfall that no matter where you sit on that blasted raft you CANNOT avoid. Believe me, I tried. My family laughed at me trying. I made the kids take this picture. Kayla cannot make funny faces. She just can't help it. The camera is out and her beautiful smile is on her face, no matter what!!! At least Ryan is a good sport to look silly with his mother.

This one is for you Kayla.

Ryan and Makayla are the perfect age for Lagoon. They are tall enough for all the big fun rides they want to go on, yet small enough for the kiddie rides that they have loved for years!!!!
We really had a good time. I was super proud of my kids for working hard all summer long. Good job you two.