Sunday, September 13

More August

A big event that happened in August was pack meeting. Ryan got quite a few awards from Day Camp in June. I never was a huge fan of Cub Scouts because I never understood it. I am now learning what a great thing it is for these young boys. They learn much and get recognized for it. Ryan loves getting awards, big and small.

The Monday after school started we went up the canyon with my parents. It was so beautiful, I don't know why we don't go up there more. Makayla had tons of fun with my camera. Don't worry, for her birthday I bought her her own camera since she is always wanting to use mine. here are some fun pictures she and I documented of the evening.

One advantage to Makayla taking pictures is we can actually get one of Brad and I.

Becca loves it when I nuzzle her neck. It tickles her like crazy, yet she begs for more!!!

I love this picture of Becca. Good job, Kayla.

There was this huge log that worked well as a teeter totter. The kids loved it.
Becca had to join in the fun of roasting marshmallows. Fortunately there weren't any incidents.
Another Beautiful shot by Makayla. She is getting good.
Why children love these shots, I don't know . But if I had a dollar for how many of these ends up on my camera I would be a millionaire.