Tuesday, April 14

Black and White

I have decided that I want to master the art of black and white. I am only at the beginning of my journey. Actually, I should say one step ahead of the beginning. Just pushing the button black and white is the beginning. I am a small step ahead of that. Here are a couple of pictures that were cute that I was trying out. As you can see, I still have yards to go, but it will be great to see progress.


This year I decided to do festival with a couple of friends that are teachers rather than the normal Utah County festival. Many reason went into that decision, but I am glad we did. It went extremely well. All of my students worked super hard to be prepared and pulled off amazing performances. This was Ryan's third year which means he gets his 1st piano trophy. This was Makayla's first year. They both did really well. I was so proud of the work they did. I also am so amazed at how they don't seem to get nervous. That is actually exactly what I want of my kids and students. The more they perform the less nervous they will get with all different kinds of performing. Good job, sweet children, I love you!!!!

Eye glasses

Becca has been having a strange thing happen since she was 6 months old. She will goes weeks at a time with holding her head down to her right. We have been trying to figure out what is going on. My doctor thought perhaps it was a vision thing, especially with Ryan's history. So, I had to take her to a ophthalmologist at Primary Children's Hospital to check her eye sight. He gave her these glasses to help her eyes while we were outside. She sure didn't want to wear them, but the other kids did.

Becca vs the Laundry Basket

This is Becca's favorite thing to do with the laundry basket, after she has emptied all the clothes. She is entertained forever with this thing. She cracks herself up and falls all the time because she is a bit clumsy, but more because she is laughing at herself so hard.

Cause for concern?

Should I be concerned that tonight as the kids were downstairs cleaning we heard Ryan singing the tune "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" with the words "Don't you wish your sisters would clean with me?" and "Don't you wish you had a girlfriend that would clean with me?" Needless to say, Brad and I were laughing hysterically. I had a bit of concern that he even knows the tune to that song, Brad just found it hilarious!!!

Monday, April 13

Dishwasher Woes

Our dishwasher is 5 months old. It has been a wonderful appliance...until, it started making a horrible noise a couple of weeks. No, this cannot be happening. This happened the same week my van door stopped working and we were told Brad needed to replace his oil pan to the tune of $400. Come on, we are supposed to be getting out of debt, not fixing anything that could possibly break. Well, bless Brad's heart, if something is broken in our home he studies and does everything he can to fix it. Late at night he spent over an hour taking apart our dishwasher. We find there was a small piece of plastic fork in the grinder. All goes well until I hear "uh,oh, I don't know where this part goes...." No worries, the dishwasher was put back together and it still made the same noise. Yeah, all that work for what? Well, this story has a wonderful ending. The dishwasher worked out the rest of the fork, Brad just fixed our van, and so far it seems his car still doesn't need a new oil pan just yet!!! Let's just hope this all ends out well.

Work is fun....when you are 7!!!

So, it always amazes me how much my kids enjoy certain chores that adults find mundane or just plain annoying. They beg to clean the bathrooms, do the laundry, and it used to be even the dishwasher (although, now that it is a regular chore it isn't quite so fun). Well, the newest "fun chore" for Ryan was helping dad prune the rose bushes. Not a pleasant task, but Ryan was so excited to help!!!