Friday, April 30

Indoor Soccer

Ryan played indoor soccer this year. Brad was his coach. They had a wonderful time together. All the games were played at the Legacy Center.

Thursday, April 22

Little Becca Boo

Well, we knew the time would come and we actually wanted it to be around when we had the baby, but now that it is I am not so sure. Becca is getting her tonsils out. This little girl has the BIGGEST tonsils ever. When she is not sick they touch her uvula. She also sounds sick all the time (and often is found with a snooker nose). When she is sick you can't see into the back of her throat and she literally sounds like darth vadar when she sleeps. In fact, earlier in January my parents were watching her over night and called scared to death because of her breathing. She has sleep apnea because of the tonsils so not only does she sound horrible, she stops breathing and then gasps for breath and goes back to sleep. It is pretty scary. My mom was so scared that half the night she slept with Becca to make sure she was okay!!!
So, we knew she would have to get them out this year. We decided to take her into an ENT to just make sure and yesterday we got the news that "yes" she needs her tonsils out and we had better do it sooner than later. So, we made the decision that it would be easier for me to take care of her BEFORE I have the baby rather than later. So, on Tuesday, May 4th (yes, less than 2 weeks away) my sweet little girl undergoes surgery. The doctor and the nurse yesterday, that is when I took her and Ashlyn in for a consult, warned me that they have had a couple of moms go into labor when their kids got their tonsils out. One had the baby the night before and the other was in labor so the husband kept going between post-op with his child and labor and delivery with his wife. I will be 37 1/2 weeks pregnant so I guess it is a possibility. But, seeing I have NEVER gone into labor on my own it won't happen so I really am not worried. The funny thing is at the Dr's office I was saying "Bring it on!! I would love to have the baby then." However, last night as I was thinking about what it would really be like I decided emphatically that I DO NOT want that to happen. Becca will need her mommy and I will want to be with her.
So now, we prep Becca and my home and wait for May 4th. Fortunately, I did get good sleep last night. I was really worried. The night before that I hadn't slept well as I worried about the baby (he was fine, I just do that from time to time). Last night before bed I was A MESS!!! I have now gone through this tonsillectomy thing twice before this with Ryan and Makayla and each time I freak out. The funny thing is I am not worried about the actual surgery or the tough recovery (although, it really wasn't too bad with the other two). It is the whole anesthesia thing that sets me over the edge. I am literally placing the life of my child in the hands of very well trained doctors. However, it just scares me to death. I know she will be fine. I feel it deep down. I just am human and at times let my extremely active imagination run away with itself with the "what if''s". Last night I told Brad, "I will now have a two weeks of really working on my mind control (which I need to master)." Today I have been so much better. It usually is the nights when the bad thoughts dwell and fester. So, I just need to read a good book or watch a good movie to not let my mind wander. Heaven help me the night of the 3rd and during the surgery. Then I am good. Like I said, I have done this two other times and my reaction is always the same. But, because I have such an incredible husband and the companionship of the Holy ghost, I get through it and I know I will this time.
So, now the time has come to really get my behind in gear and finish my "to do list before the baby comes". I now have until May 4th because once we bring Becca home from the hospital (she will most likely have to stay over night although we are praying not) then it will be like taking care of a newborn for a week or so. Then my little guy will be here as well. So, I shall be a Franklin Planner and schedule my time well to make everything happen. Fortunately, I have been so blessed to have so much help with friends and family that I am not worried.

Sunday, April 11

Cub Scout Ryan

Ryan has been a cub scout for a year now. He earned his Wolf in record time and earned 7 silver arrows. That equals to a whole lot of work. He is now currently working on his Bear and tons of belt loops. Here are some fun pictures of him receiving his awards.

Receiving his Wolf
Ryan giving me the Mother's Wolf Pin

Look at all of those Belt Loops!!

Monday, April 5

Easter 2010

We had a wonderful Easter this year. It was kind of crazy as Easter weekend was Conference weekend. That meant the annual Sweeney Easter Egg Hunt had to be a different weekend because the Owens were out of town and Grandma Sweeney is so busy with the Tabernacle Choir. On Easter weekend we colored eggs, had our own mini hunt in the backyard with Brooklyn, and took it easy!!

Friday, April 2

Sleeping Children

One of my very favorite things in this world is a sleeping child. Now, there are many reasons for this. The obvious ones: they can't make messes and they can't cry. However, those are actually not the reasons I love sleeping children. I love to watch them sleep. They are so peaceful and innocent. I first fell in love watching my children sleep on April 7th, 2001 when I had my first. I couldn't get enough of watching him sleep so peacefully. I often wondered what he was dreaming about. Well, it has continued with the birth of each child. Now, lest you think I just enjoy watching my newborns.....oh contrare!!! I love watching them at any age. Even my almost 9 year old.
Last night it was Becca I was watching. She is in the lovely stage of needing a nap, but not always taking one. So, 5 and 6 o'clock hits and she is a basket case!! Last night she was eating dinner and literally fell asleep. We quickly got her dressed and in bed (which temporarily woke her up). I sang her all of her songs and then she grabbed my head and pressed it right up to hers. I laid that way until I heard the snoring kick in. I then pulled away enough to see her peaceful and very asleep. I laid for several more minutes just watching my beautiful daughter sleep peacefully. I was once again taken away by the wonder of children. I love my children so very much. When they sleep I really remember how much. I think of all the funny things they did or how sweet they are. I truly believe this will last at least while they are in my home. I will sneak in and watch them sleep and remember how quickly life goes by and how much I love my little munchkins.

This is often how I find Ryan asleep!! He is way too much like his mother (except for the BYU blanket)

My sweet Makayla when she was around 1-2 years old!!! I love how little ones can fall asleep anywhereMy sweet Ashlyn as a newborn. Man time flies by too quickly.

Becca as a sleeping newborn. She used to sleep with her eyes slit open.