Friday, January 22

Random Notes

I had two observations today about two of my daughters. The first is Makayla. I am currently working on a photo book for her that spans the middle of 2007 through New Years this year. What I noticed about her is I hardly have any pictures of her where she isn't smiling. That may seem silly, but think about it. Many kids aren't smiling all the time. Makayla always cracks me up. She can be really upset about something, I pull out the camera to take a picture and she smiles. But, what I really noticed the most about this little girl is how many pictures I have of her laughing. She has such a contagious laugh. Even looking at these pictures of her laughing makes me want to laugh. I really enjoy having her in my home. She truly is a blessing to all of us!!!

Next random thought. There is not much else in the world that makes me happy and warms my heart than seeing my children help each other. I have seen it much this week as in the past week all 4 of my kids have been sick at different times (and I have been sick the entire time so I haven't been able to be as useful as usual). When Ashlyn was sick the other day Ryan was my helper, even though he should have been in bed (, that sounds suspicious!!). Well, today my helper is Ashlyn. Makayla woke up with a stomach ache. Ashlyn has rushed to her aid before I even could. She even learned how to make toast so she could get Makayla something to eat!!! It is wonderful to know that my kids really do love and care for each other. I really do have incredible kids!!!!

Friday, January 15


What do you get when you say no to your two year old when she asks for chocolate milk for the 10th time that day?
A cup full of just plain hershey's syrup!!! Becca, when did you learn to get whatever you wanted?

Wasting time?

So, it is a Friday afternoon and I am unmotivated to clean my house for the billionth time and have it look the same. I should do something productive, but my ear hurts, I have horrible heartburn, and I just don't feel like it. So, I will update my blog. It isn't blogging it really is family history and scrapbooking combined into one, right? There I feel better about myself. Maybe I can actually catch up on 2009 sometime. I am hoping to be caught up on that and photo books before the baby comes....wish me luck!!!

Half way there

So, here is a picture of me at 4 1/2 months. (No Becca, I am not quite as big as a basketball...yet) You can already tell I carry my babies low. The baby, boy or girl, always seem to be mostly below the belly button. I do still get horrible heartburn and run out of breath, even though the baby is so low. However, I don't have to fight the baby in my ribs to much. That is nice.
Anyway, this little boy is starting to get more active. Ryan, Kayla, and Brad (in that order) felt the baby move on Wednesday for the first time. He was extremely active that day and was positioned right up near my stomach (other days he is way more in my back, which isn't too fun!!!) This is the part of pregnancy I will miss the rest of my life. There is NOTHING else like feeling your child move and having that closeness. My kids are never active enough where it gets bothersome to me at all. I even love when they get the hiccups. So, move baby move. I love knowing you are happy in there.

Monday, January 4

It's a .......

Well, after a horrible nights sleep (which is what happens every time the night before an ultrasound) I tried to be productive before my appointment. I got my dishes done, actually felt like I could exercise went to do it to only make it one lap before my treadmill broke!! I knew I had gained a lot this Christmas, but enough break a treadmill? Okay, so it hadn't worked for Brad for long either so it really wasn't me. Anyway, all morning I was having all these fears go through my head: "What if the baby is dead in there, what if it is deformed, what if something is wrong?" Then the fear "What if the baby doesn't cooperate and let us know what it is?" After a heartfelt prayer I bravely got into my car with my sweet husband and went to the appointment.
Once the ultrasound started I was able to relax a little. The heart was beating and baby was moving (although I couldn't feel all the movements, I could see it). All went really well. Baby is developing just as it should. The baby is measuring about a week ahead of schedule, but they didn't move my due date. Which means, I will have another very large baby (I have already had a 9 lb 3 oz baby a week early) unless another weird medical emergency comes up like my other 3 (two for toxemia and one for kidney stone and infection) and they are induced 2-3 weeks early. Is it bad to pray for that? JUST KIDDING!!! Believe me, I would rather have a 9 lb baby than the pain from a kidney stone and kidney infection 9 months pregnant.
Anyway, I know you really don't care about any of this. You are just wondering what it is I am having. Well, the baby cooperated very well and gave us a perfect shot!!!

It is a BOY!!!!!!

Yes, we are so super excited. It will have been 9 years since we had a little baby boy around this house. Ryan just smiled and smiled and is still smiling. All of my kids wanted a boy so everyone was very excited. Brad and I are still in shock that it is actually happening. We get our bookend boys!! Now we can start the name game. I still have 19 weeks to figure that out so no worries. I now understand why I have been so sick, all three of my boys (especially the one I lost at 17 weeks) have made me super duper sick. I am guessing this little one will be like Ryan and make me sick the whole rest of the pregnancy....yeah for me!!! Oh, well. If he is half as cute and wonderful as my Ryan it will be worth it. It is nice to know what we are having now so I can give my sweet sister in law who is having twins (a boy and a girl) all my girl clothes and get them out of my house. Oh, the room we will have!!! I also get to have fun shopping as I gave up all my boy clothes to another sister in law last spring. I will also have fun for birthdays and Christmas as I have gotten rid of a lot of my boy toys through the years so I will actually have something to get for the little guy!! If you can't tell I am just thrilled. I really would have loved another girl, but as I fight my girls every day on doing their hair I can say a little prayer of gratitude for the son that will be joining us soon!!!

Saturday, January 2

20 Weeks and Counting

So, for those few of you that don't know, I am pregnant again. Yes it was planned and yes, we did think we were done. That is what happens when you decide to pray and go to the temple to find out if you should have one more!!! Baby #5 will arrive on May 14th or sooner. I am now officially 20 weeks and on Monday I have my ultrasound!!! Ryan has been praying everyday that it will be a little boy. In fact just tonight he said "Only 2 more days to pray that it is a boy!!!" We shall see if the faith of a little boy is enough to break the Bell trend of little girls!! Anyway, I am just curious to see what your guess is as to what we are having. Pending the baby cooperates we should know by Monday night. At this point I can honestly say I am just praying for a healthy baby. I don't care boy or girl as long as I have that!! Time will tell.

Here is me at 3 1/2 months. I will have to take another one this week and you can see how much I have grown!! I am trying not to get too depressed with all the growth and weight gain. I am praying that I won't have another 9 lb baby. That recovery is just way too difficult!!!