Friday, January 22

Random Notes

I had two observations today about two of my daughters. The first is Makayla. I am currently working on a photo book for her that spans the middle of 2007 through New Years this year. What I noticed about her is I hardly have any pictures of her where she isn't smiling. That may seem silly, but think about it. Many kids aren't smiling all the time. Makayla always cracks me up. She can be really upset about something, I pull out the camera to take a picture and she smiles. But, what I really noticed the most about this little girl is how many pictures I have of her laughing. She has such a contagious laugh. Even looking at these pictures of her laughing makes me want to laugh. I really enjoy having her in my home. She truly is a blessing to all of us!!!

Next random thought. There is not much else in the world that makes me happy and warms my heart than seeing my children help each other. I have seen it much this week as in the past week all 4 of my kids have been sick at different times (and I have been sick the entire time so I haven't been able to be as useful as usual). When Ashlyn was sick the other day Ryan was my helper, even though he should have been in bed (, that sounds suspicious!!). Well, today my helper is Ashlyn. Makayla woke up with a stomach ache. Ashlyn has rushed to her aid before I even could. She even learned how to make toast so she could get Makayla something to eat!!! It is wonderful to know that my kids really do love and care for each other. I really do have incredible kids!!!!


Julie Bell said...

Tam this picture of Makayla seriously cracks me up. She is so dang funny. I'm excited to do the little photo shoot of your girls with my headbands. They are going to be perfect! :)

Young Family said...

I love your kids too! They are so sweet! Good job sis!