Friday, January 15

Half way there

So, here is a picture of me at 4 1/2 months. (No Becca, I am not quite as big as a basketball...yet) You can already tell I carry my babies low. The baby, boy or girl, always seem to be mostly below the belly button. I do still get horrible heartburn and run out of breath, even though the baby is so low. However, I don't have to fight the baby in my ribs to much. That is nice.
Anyway, this little boy is starting to get more active. Ryan, Kayla, and Brad (in that order) felt the baby move on Wednesday for the first time. He was extremely active that day and was positioned right up near my stomach (other days he is way more in my back, which isn't too fun!!!) This is the part of pregnancy I will miss the rest of my life. There is NOTHING else like feeling your child move and having that closeness. My kids are never active enough where it gets bothersome to me at all. I even love when they get the hiccups. So, move baby move. I love knowing you are happy in there.


Young Family said...

I am SO glad he is moving! That is the best part!

Koreena said...

I agree. I love feeling my babies move inside of me and having that special relationship with them that no one else has. You look fabulous by the way!