Thursday, February 17

Ryan...our champion

I truly believe we are given specific personalities to deal with trials in life. That is the case with Ryan for sure. I have had so many people testify to this as well. Ryan has always been a serious minded child well beyond his years. He has always been concerned about his health and doing the correct things. Well, Ryan has handled this huge trial well beyond his years. It has been one month and today he did his first shot by himself at school without me there (he does his own shots all the time...but I have had to go to the school everyday for lunch until today). Of course his numbers were really low today and I was wondering why I wasn't there. We got through it though. He is such a champion. he doesn't cry. He doesn't complain. He did have his first break down last week when I called him up for dinner. He didn't want another shot. He cried for a bit, and then was just fine!!

He has slowed down on eating knowing if he eats for than 15 carbs for his snack then he needs a shot. He mostly chooses not to. His numbers are all over the place, which is to be expected. I have to call the doctor every other day and he makes new adjustments to the insulin doses and carb ratios almost daily. I sometimes get overwhelmed by that, but then I realize there is a reason we have a doctor. It is his job to worry and figure out this game, and my job is to follow his instructions and pray it works!! I have full confidence in our doctor. He is amazing and always seems to be a step ahead of the game.
It is amazing how much support we have had. It has made life so much more bearable. I have a wonderful contact at our insurance agency, the diabetes center up at the U of U is incredible. I have talked to so many people that know someone close to them with diabetes and they lend us so much support. This is a life long struggle and some days I lose it. But, those days will eventually become less and less. I couldn't ask for a better situation because Ryan is SOOOOO incredible. I really can't believe how well he has done. So, I have to say our entire lives have changed in this past month...and at the same time so much is the same!!

9 months old....already?

Yes, my sweet little baby is now 9 months old. How did that happen? I swear these last 9 months flew by way faster than the blasted pregnancy. Benjamin is getting so big...well, not size wise...just in what he can do. He has learned to crawl in the past 2-3 weeks. He actually has a very funny crawl. He goes on both hands, one knee, and his foot or bum. He crawls and scoots. If I can figure it out I will have to post a video of it. It is pretty hilarious. I do have to say, though, he has kind of out grown it. He does it a little bit, but is going on both knees more.

Benjamin is by far my smallest child. I took him into the doctor today. He weighs 16 lbs 3 oz (which is the 1%-yes 1% not 11% but 1 %). Yeah, usually my kids are that at 6 months. He is only the 15th% for height. Just a small little guy. My doctor is wondering if it is because of his growth stunt in utero, but we still don't know why. I just have to beef him up. We aren't too worried, just something more to do....I am getting tired of food and my children. I have one child I need to make sure eats certain amounts at certain times and count the carbs. Another child who is on the high side of the BMI so I need to make sure she isn't eating too much and is eating healthy food and now a baby who I need to shove calories down!! more food issues. Not to mention I still have a few baby pounds to lose.
Back to the darling baby. He is still as happy as can be. He is now starting to get anywhere and everywhere. We still need to get a baby gate (please remind me why we got rid of our last one?) He loves his siblings and all the neighbor kids. His favorite song is I am a Child of God. He loves to clap my hands together and has started clapping his. He sleeps well at night (most of the time) He just brings us so much joy. I am so grateful I took the huge leap of faith to have another child!!