Tuesday, February 16

Diabetes Update

Well, I have learned quite a bit about gestational diabetes this week. I must say I am less panicked then I was, in most ways. I am just annoyed. However, I met with the dietitian for the second time today and news was much better. I will back up though.
Last week I was put on a strict diet regime. I have to have a certain amount of carbs each meal and snacks. I have to eat 3 snacks in the day. Each snack has to occur at least 2 hours after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, except for the dinner snack which has to be at least 3 hours after. I have had to test my blood sugar levels before each meal, 2 hours after each meal, and 3 hours after dinner. That equals to 7 times a day!!! Besides just not enjoying the pricking so much I was floored by how much my little strips cost. Try $1 a strip. Yeah, $7 a day. That is tons of fun!! However, like I said, today I got good news. My levels look good (well, actually some are border line so if they don't get in check this week I will have to go on medication). Anyway, I now only have to test 4 times a day. I do have to keep everything else the same.
Let me tell you, being on a diet during pregnancy is the pits. Especially during Valentines Day. I made a delicious pie (well, it looked delicious since I can't eat it) for my family. I thought it would be fine since it isn't chocolate. However, I still want to eat it!! But alas, not too many sweets for this girl. The silver lining is I haven't gained any weight the past 2 weeks. Which, is a HUGE deal. I was packing on 2-5 lbs per week before we discovered the diabetes. So, I am hoping my weight gain will slow down and I won't have 90 lbs to lose.
I am hoping to gain some healthy habits so I don't develop type 2 diabetes. I really feel for diabetic people. I at least have some hope in site that this will end. They don't, for the most part. I will have to keep testing for 6 weeks after, but only 2x a day which is SO MUCH better than 7x. I actually think they have you do 7 times a day so you are so grateful to only have to do 4 times a day. Perspective!!!

Thursday, February 11

Darling Hair

Ashlyn wanted short hair like Chloe, her cousin. Angie Larson cut her hair. Ashlyn was so excited to get it cut. It looks adorable on her and is so much easier to do!!

Thursday, February 4


Well, I just found out the gestational diabetes test came back positive. What does that mean now? Well, that is a good question. I really don't know. The nurse is referring me to a dietitian at AF hospital. She will help me try to control it using diet and excercise (I don't need insulin which is a blessing!!) I am just waiting for her to call me. In the mean time I am not sure what, when, and how to eat. Just staying away from the chocolate and carbs. Why is it that is what I crave? I will then talk to my doctor at my 28 week appointment and explain my absolute fear of having a 10 lb plus baby. In the mean time I wait to get instructions. If you know me when there is a problem I like information and solutions immediately, so waiting will be joyous!!! I am hoping she calls tomorrow.
Let's just hope this is my weird health issue this pregnancy. I have had them with each child. Ryan and Ashlyn were both induced at 37 weeks due toxemia. Makayla was a week early, induced just because, and she was my 9lb baby. Rebecca was born at 38 weeks due to a kidney infection and an abnormally large kidney stone. Therefore, I don't think any of us are shocked by this new development. I can't have a text book pregnancy. Oh, well. This is my last one and I will learn fabulous eating habits that I can use to help lose all this weight I have gained and will gain!!!

Wednesday, February 3

Gestational Diabetes? Let's hope not!!!

So, I failed my 1 hour glucose test. I don't know by how much, I just know I had to do the lovely 3 hour test. For that one I had to go into the office at 8:40 fasting. They then drew my blood and made me drink the lovely orange drink (side note: the red drink they have is SOOO much better than the orange. I did the red on Monday with no complaints). After 1 hour they drew my blood. Then at 2 hours they drew my blood again. Finally, at 11:50 I had my 4th and final blood draw. I had to sit in my doctors waiting room for 3 hours. Another side note, there was a lady there probably 3-4 months pregnant with her husband there her 7 monthish old son and a daughter that was probably 22 months...maybe?!!! My thought was, good luck. I am exhausted for them!!!
I was really worried about how I would handle not eating for 15 hours straight, but I was fine....UNTIL I ate. I stopped by Arby's for a roasted chicken sandwich. I honestly almost passed out after I started eating. I really shouldn't have driven home as I was close to blacking out. I did make it home and a few hours later felt normal....well, as normal for a pregnant lady. Anyway, I should find out on Friday the results. I am sure everything is normal, which makes the whole process quite frustrating!!! Let's hope I don't have it. One of the major side effects is the baby tends to grow more rappidly, but not necessarily the lungs. The problem? I had a 9 lb 3 oz baby 1 week early WITHOUT gestational diabetes!! So, if it comes back positive, we might as well schedule a c-section right now because there ain't no way I am getting a 10 lb baby out the hard way!!!