Tuesday, February 16

Diabetes Update

Well, I have learned quite a bit about gestational diabetes this week. I must say I am less panicked then I was, in most ways. I am just annoyed. However, I met with the dietitian for the second time today and news was much better. I will back up though.
Last week I was put on a strict diet regime. I have to have a certain amount of carbs each meal and snacks. I have to eat 3 snacks in the day. Each snack has to occur at least 2 hours after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, except for the dinner snack which has to be at least 3 hours after. I have had to test my blood sugar levels before each meal, 2 hours after each meal, and 3 hours after dinner. That equals to 7 times a day!!! Besides just not enjoying the pricking so much I was floored by how much my little strips cost. Try $1 a strip. Yeah, $7 a day. That is tons of fun!! However, like I said, today I got good news. My levels look good (well, actually some are border line so if they don't get in check this week I will have to go on medication). Anyway, I now only have to test 4 times a day. I do have to keep everything else the same.
Let me tell you, being on a diet during pregnancy is the pits. Especially during Valentines Day. I made a delicious pie (well, it looked delicious since I can't eat it) for my family. I thought it would be fine since it isn't chocolate. However, I still want to eat it!! But alas, not too many sweets for this girl. The silver lining is I haven't gained any weight the past 2 weeks. Which, is a HUGE deal. I was packing on 2-5 lbs per week before we discovered the diabetes. So, I am hoping my weight gain will slow down and I won't have 90 lbs to lose.
I am hoping to gain some healthy habits so I don't develop type 2 diabetes. I really feel for diabetic people. I at least have some hope in site that this will end. They don't, for the most part. I will have to keep testing for 6 weeks after, but only 2x a day which is SO MUCH better than 7x. I actually think they have you do 7 times a day so you are so grateful to only have to do 4 times a day. Perspective!!!


Gregg Sorensen Family said...

You poor thing!! I guess it is good to learn those healthy habits though.