Sunday, July 25

Water skiing

I love to water ski. It is one of my favorite things to do. I learned as a pre teen from my uncle in Idaho. I remember trying over and over and the satisfaction of finally getting it. It really is a fond memory. Well, Allison and Bryce were kind enough to invite us to go boating last Saturday, July 17th. We had a great time. I was pretty worried that I wouldn't be able to get up as I am super out of shape and weigh more than usual. Well, after a couple of tries I got up on the wake board. I didn't stay up too long as I am so out of shape. I then tried the slalom ski. It took me way more tries than usual, but my determination prevailed and I got up and stayed up for a bit (a short bit as mt legs and arms were shaking). But, I did it and got the picture!!
Now, as exciting as it was for me, the best part of the day was seeing Ryan and Makayla learn. Mckay, my nephew, went first. He did pretty well but was done after a couple of tries. Ryan and Makayla practiced on the boat first. This kind of freaked them out, but after bribery they dared try it behind the boat.

Bryce went in with them (and an orange flag for safety) and helped them learn how to get up. Makayla went first (that girl has GUTS). She got right up and stayed up for a few seconds. I was holding the end of the roap so when she crashed if she didn't let go I let go so she doesn't drag. Well, that is the idea. I was so excited that she was up that when she crashed it took me a sec to remember to let go. She ended up crying, but is now ultra proud of herself, as she should be.

Ryan was super brave and got in, even after seeing Kayla fall. It took him a couple of tries but he eventually got up, kind of. He was up but crouched down. He looked like a frog. We told him he just needed to stand up. He was done after that. Next month, when we go to Flaming Gorge they will try again.

Ryan doing crunchy frog (anyone familiar with P90x?)

Darling Ashlyn

Becca got to drive

Becca really wanted to get in the water with mom. She thought it was so cool.
I did get up!!
Brad surfing!!!
It was a beautiful day

Pioneer Day

We had a nice pioneer day. It was full of work all day and then play. A lot like our pioneers. Poor Ashlyn was really sick with a fever all day. She does seem to be doing better today. We had Tiff and her family over for dinner as well as the Owens (minus Allison who is in Canada with my parents.) It was relaxing until we played the intense game of Scotland Yard. Brad played this board game on his mission and has wanted it since. It has only taken me 11 years to fulfill this wish. He just received it for his birthday. We had a ball playing this game. The coolest part is the Mister X the bad guy wears!!

Man do I have a good looking husband or what? Even when he is the bad guy.

Thursday, July 15

Breaking Point

I do believe everyone has a breaking point. I know I do. I have been feeling myself heading down that road this past week. We have had tons of late nights and that has affected the kids, including the baby. I have just about had it by night time. Poor Brad, get's me at my worst. Anyway, I believe that Heavenly Father loves me very much. I could list the millions of reasons, 6 of which are Brad, Ryan, Makayla, Ashlyn, Becca, and Benjamin. However, this day I know because he has given me tender mercies to help as I am on the verge of breaking.
The first breaking point is sleep. I really have been so tired. Today I was at the park with some friends from the ward and our kids and I was having a hard time staying awake. Definitely not for lack of stimulating conversation. I love the friends I was with, and they were very entertaining. But between the allergies I was having and the late nights, not to mention middle of the night feedings, I was toast. I can't even totally blame Benjamin. He is seriously waking up once before 6am, and the past two nights his first waking is 4:30. I can totally handle that. Part of the problem is I no longer get to nap. There are several reasons, 5 of which are each of my children. I also don't love to nap, as there is so much else I need to do. But, I know a little 15 min nap here or there really would help me. Well, today after the park and library I got my kids lunch and Benjamin was still asleep. The little girls went to Brooke and Clair's house so I told the older kids I was going to take just a quick 15 min nap while he was sleeping. Over an hour later I woke up, looked at the clock, and then panicked!! Is the baby okay? I jumped off the bed and found him sound asleep in his car seat still. Now, the nap AND him sleeping so long is a tender mercy. He doesn't nap that long right now in the afternoons. I am usually fighting him with cat naps. I know I will be way more refreshed and that I needed it. Hopefully this will ward me off from reaching my breaking point for a while.
The second tender mercy has to do with me reaching my breaking point on trying to lose weight. I gained way too much with Benjamin. It wasn't any more than my other kids, but I started heavier with them and ended the heaviest. Well, I have always been able to lose the baby weight. It just takes work. I have found the older you are and the more kids you have the harder it is. I have been trying but it has not been coming off. Seriously, as of Monday I had lost 5 lbs from the initial weight loss after having a baby. Now, that being said, for two weeks I was on vacation in California and with California family up here. Not conducive to weight loss. So, this week I said "ENOUGH!!!" After many prayers I really felt like doing weight watchers wouldn't be enough and just counting my carbs wouldn't be enough. I needed to do both. So, I am now doing both together. It can be quite tricky but not if you eat really healthy. I can't chow down on fruits as much as I would like, but I can on veggies. I have to watch the amount of sugars I eat.....hardly any now!! But, I have found the last couple of days I have not even reached my amount of carbs or points in a day and I haven't been hungry. I have been downing water like crazy and exercising at least 25 min a day. Best news of all.....I have lost 5 lbs since Monday. I had been praying that if I was doing everything I could do lose weight that Heavenly Father would step in and help me, and that is exactly what he has done. Now, I know it won't fall off like this all the time and I will have moments of frustration still, but for today I am happy.

Monday, July 12

4 Down, 1 to go!!!

So, Becca is potty trained!! I kept putting it off for various reasons. The biggest reason was Benjamin. I just couldn't do that to all of us. Becca started showing interest just before we went to California for Doug's wedding. I would not do it before. It would have totally messed up her potty training and our trip. So, I said, when we get home. Finally, last Wednesday, she decided we were ready. I had nothing that day so I set it aside to potty train. I followed Bre's advice (she potty trained dozens of autistic children in her kindergarten class) and pumped her full of juice and asked every 5 minutes if she was dry. Then we would try to go every 15 minutes. After 5 hours and a few accidents later I was done. I was so tired and Benjamin needed me. So, I stopped pumping her full of juice, kept her in undies, and just did dry checks every 15 minutes or so and potty tries every 30 minutes. She was dry the rest of the day. The next day I went to Day Camp with Ryan so my wonderful mother and father in law had the girls. They said she had just one accident all morning. I had left a basket full of underwear and shorts for those accidents. I felt so bad they had to deal with that. However, since Thursday she has only had 1 accident and it was a matter of not quite making it. She made it to the bathroom and almost on the toilet. I know I will have many of those moments as she learns when she can and can't hold it while playing. She has been perfect thus far in the poop department since we started on Wednesday. I have to say it is totally worth it to wait until your child is older and ready. I don't remind her and she goes. We were even at the doctor and she needed to go and went without a problem. I hate potty training, but I have to say, if you wait and do that intense method for a day or so it really isn't that bad. I just hope I remember this for Benjamin.
1 DOWN AND 1 TO GO!!!!

Benjamin Update

He is getting bigger!!! My little boy isn't so little anymore. Actually, compared to the rest of my kiddos he is quite small. But, he is growing great so my doctor was very happy. Here are the stats:
Weight: 9 lbs 13 oz (10%)
Heights: 22.5 inches (31st%)
Head: 12%
He is smiling like crazy now and has started cooing. Actually, last Saturday I think it was, he laughed at Brad. I guess Brad is pretty funny. Ryan laughed at Brad first as well. Besides needing to be held all the time (which is why my doctor thinks he smiles so much which is a very good thing) he is a great baby. I do have to say that he is getting better at being entertained in his bouncer or car seat. However, still not extremely long. His favorite place is on me!! He is sleeping well. Not through the night. My kids don't do that until 9 months (I am shooting for 6 months this time and would take anything before that!!) He will fall asleep anywhere from 8pm-11pm and then sleep until 3:30. Then he wakes up sometime in the 6am hour and will go back to sleep on and off all morning. I do wish I could nap, but who can nap with 5 kids? My favorite thing though is his smile. He has always been a smiley kid. Now, though, it is in response to you smiling, a full tummy, waking from a nap, or just being happy. His smile sure melts everyone's heart!!