Monday, July 12

4 Down, 1 to go!!!

So, Becca is potty trained!! I kept putting it off for various reasons. The biggest reason was Benjamin. I just couldn't do that to all of us. Becca started showing interest just before we went to California for Doug's wedding. I would not do it before. It would have totally messed up her potty training and our trip. So, I said, when we get home. Finally, last Wednesday, she decided we were ready. I had nothing that day so I set it aside to potty train. I followed Bre's advice (she potty trained dozens of autistic children in her kindergarten class) and pumped her full of juice and asked every 5 minutes if she was dry. Then we would try to go every 15 minutes. After 5 hours and a few accidents later I was done. I was so tired and Benjamin needed me. So, I stopped pumping her full of juice, kept her in undies, and just did dry checks every 15 minutes or so and potty tries every 30 minutes. She was dry the rest of the day. The next day I went to Day Camp with Ryan so my wonderful mother and father in law had the girls. They said she had just one accident all morning. I had left a basket full of underwear and shorts for those accidents. I felt so bad they had to deal with that. However, since Thursday she has only had 1 accident and it was a matter of not quite making it. She made it to the bathroom and almost on the toilet. I know I will have many of those moments as she learns when she can and can't hold it while playing. She has been perfect thus far in the poop department since we started on Wednesday. I have to say it is totally worth it to wait until your child is older and ready. I don't remind her and she goes. We were even at the doctor and she needed to go and went without a problem. I hate potty training, but I have to say, if you wait and do that intense method for a day or so it really isn't that bad. I just hope I remember this for Benjamin.
1 DOWN AND 1 TO GO!!!!


Bre said...

yay! Remember, we're going to potty train Benjamin and the twins in the same day, right? :)

Gregg Sorensen Family said...

I am so happy for you!! I am going to have to get your help for Landen.