Monday, July 12

Benjamin Update

He is getting bigger!!! My little boy isn't so little anymore. Actually, compared to the rest of my kiddos he is quite small. But, he is growing great so my doctor was very happy. Here are the stats:
Weight: 9 lbs 13 oz (10%)
Heights: 22.5 inches (31st%)
Head: 12%
He is smiling like crazy now and has started cooing. Actually, last Saturday I think it was, he laughed at Brad. I guess Brad is pretty funny. Ryan laughed at Brad first as well. Besides needing to be held all the time (which is why my doctor thinks he smiles so much which is a very good thing) he is a great baby. I do have to say that he is getting better at being entertained in his bouncer or car seat. However, still not extremely long. His favorite place is on me!! He is sleeping well. Not through the night. My kids don't do that until 9 months (I am shooting for 6 months this time and would take anything before that!!) He will fall asleep anywhere from 8pm-11pm and then sleep until 3:30. Then he wakes up sometime in the 6am hour and will go back to sleep on and off all morning. I do wish I could nap, but who can nap with 5 kids? My favorite thing though is his smile. He has always been a smiley kid. Now, though, it is in response to you smiling, a full tummy, waking from a nap, or just being happy. His smile sure melts everyone's heart!!


Shandra said...

Well, he's finally bigger than Jack was when he was born! ;) He's so adorable! I think he looks just like Ryan. I love that your boys laugh at Brad first. Thanks for all the updates! Your kids are adorable!