Wednesday, February 27

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Ch-ch-ch changes

The changes begin in the new Bell home. We have comprised a list of all the things we want to do to make our wonderful home even more wonderful. The first step: getting rid of my lime green walls. Who paints walls lime green anyway? It added color and personality to our home. The problem was it wasn't our personality. So, two weeks ago we bit the bullet and went to work. It took two coats of primer to cover the lime green. We painted our kitchen, down the stairway, the hallway to the back bedrooms, and the living room. It took 7 hours for each of us to do prep work, prime, and paint the 1st coat all on one Saturday. We were pretty tired by the end of the day. It then took about 3 hours on Monday to do a second coat and clean up. Monday afternoon was the fun part. We went SHOPPING!!!!! Tai Pan here we come. We came out with tons of wonderful decorations for our kitchen. It is starting to feel like home.

Before Pictures:

Painting Pictures:

After Shot:

Monday, February 4

The Funeral

Well, I was able to attend the funeral. One of the coolest experiences was after the funeral my dad, Allison, her husband Bryce, Tiffany, and I were all standing on the south west corner of Temple Square waiting to cross to our car. We were stopped by a police officer because the funeral procession was passing our way. We had front row seats if you will to this procession. We were able to see the entire funeral procession. We saw all of the apostles pass us by. Several including Elders Cook, Nelson, Oaks, and Tingey even waved to us. It was such an awe inspiring moment seeing all of the leaders of our church up close. Hey, we even made the channel 5 Eye witness news from the chopper. Yes, you can see us. No, you can't tell it is us. However, we know and that is cool enough.

See where that bright light is? We were right underneath that, on the top balcony about 10 rows up.

We Thank thee O God for a Prophet

I had the special privelege of going to President Hinckley's funeral. There are benefits to living in this frozen state and having a mom in the Tabernacle Choir. It was a very moving and touching experience. One I will treasure for the rest of my life. President Hinckley was a wonderful prophet. As I was at the funeral I had a very distinct impression, as I watched President Monson speak, that he was to be our next prophet and that he is a man of God. It was wonderful to receive my own special witness. He will lead and direct us in a way that this world needs.

Winter Wonderland

This winter has left us wondering if it will ever stop. Storm after storm after storm. My kids sure have enjoyed the snow. Brad is inches away from buying a snowblower!!! Californian!!!! Anyway, here are some fun pictures of how much snow we have received these last few storms.

Brad wants a snowblower for Valentines.

We received 14 inches yesterday. Many members, our neighbors included, got stuck on their way to church. Brad was a kind soul and helped shovel them out.
Ryan wanted to help daddy.Ryan made a small snow cave, it has caved in this morning with more snow.

Brad and Ryan make a great team. Brad, you had better watch your posture as you shovel. It can be killer on your back......what was that? Oh, too late!!! His back is shot!!!!!Our yard covered in feat of snow.