Monday, February 4

The Funeral

Well, I was able to attend the funeral. One of the coolest experiences was after the funeral my dad, Allison, her husband Bryce, Tiffany, and I were all standing on the south west corner of Temple Square waiting to cross to our car. We were stopped by a police officer because the funeral procession was passing our way. We had front row seats if you will to this procession. We were able to see the entire funeral procession. We saw all of the apostles pass us by. Several including Elders Cook, Nelson, Oaks, and Tingey even waved to us. It was such an awe inspiring moment seeing all of the leaders of our church up close. Hey, we even made the channel 5 Eye witness news from the chopper. Yes, you can see us. No, you can't tell it is us. However, we know and that is cool enough.

See where that bright light is? We were right underneath that, on the top balcony about 10 rows up.


Leslie said...

What a neat experience! Something that could only happen living in Utah - that's a great memory.

Maddy said...

we finally found you guys! How are you and how's the house and baby??