Monday, February 4

Winter Wonderland

This winter has left us wondering if it will ever stop. Storm after storm after storm. My kids sure have enjoyed the snow. Brad is inches away from buying a snowblower!!! Californian!!!! Anyway, here are some fun pictures of how much snow we have received these last few storms.

Brad wants a snowblower for Valentines.

We received 14 inches yesterday. Many members, our neighbors included, got stuck on their way to church. Brad was a kind soul and helped shovel them out.
Ryan wanted to help daddy.Ryan made a small snow cave, it has caved in this morning with more snow.

Brad and Ryan make a great team. Brad, you had better watch your posture as you shovel. It can be killer on your back......what was that? Oh, too late!!! His back is shot!!!!!Our yard covered in feat of snow.