Friday, January 18

I love Sweet Peas!!!

So, we have had the darndest time getting Becca to eat solids. She is very content with mama's milk and mama's milk is doing her body good. She is in the 68% for height and weight. My doctor laughed and told me I must have some pretty good milk when he realized Becca got as chubby as she is just off of me. Anyway, we decided it was time to start solids. She was okay with rice cereal for about two days and then she decided...."No way, I am NOT eating that." She shut her lips up tight and moved her head everytime the spoon came her way. So, we decided to try sweet potatoes. First day, great. Second day, NO WAY!!! I took a week off and tried them once again. Now she loves them. Yesterday I tried rice cereal again. NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! I have to have tons of sweet potatoes and only a little rice cereal to have it work. Here are some pictures of her enjoying her sweet potatoes.


Joyce said...

Where are the handy wipes.