Friday, January 18

A day of all days!!!

Isn't it interesting how a day can never seem to go the way you planned? Even with my Franklin planner put to good use, I always need to expect the unexpected. Today was no exception. After I taught a lesson at 7:10am and then took Ryan to school I looked ahead on my day with high expectations. I was actually excited to do my laundry and organize some much needed areas in the home. First I decided to get Becca all dolled up cute and try for the "perfect" picture to go on my wall. As I was taking her pictures my carbon monoxide/ fire alarm started beeping. I went and investigated. It was the CO alarm. I reset it. It went off again a few minutes later. I replaced the battery. Same thing happened. I was really concerned that the CO monitor in my furnace room wasn't making any noise, but this one on my ceiling in the family room was going crazy. I hurried and got my three girls and Allison's two boys I was watching for the day out of the house. We went to Allison's where her mother in law came and watched all the kids while I rushed home to meet the man from Questar. An HOUR later he showed up (I could have died waiting for him....only of boredom for I didn't dare leave my couch where the window was open for ventilation) He then did a thorough test throughout the entire house to come to the conclusion that we had a problem with the water heater. It was emmiting too much CO due to a complicated series of problems. By the time he came my CO monitor had shut off. I had opened a window in the office where the furnace and such is stored so all the CO went out. So, now here I sit having no gumption to do anything. I just want to sit and read in a hot bath. Too bad I can't use my water heater until Brad or someone fixes it. Today did not turn out as planned, however, I have the cutest pictures ever of my daughter and that makes it all worth it in the end.