Monday, January 7

Birthday Surprise

What an experience my 29th birthday was this year. I learned that one of my best friends and husband can lie to me.....really well. (That does worry me a little) The week before my birthday my friend Meg had booked me for dinner to celebrate my birthday since it was on Thanksgiving this year. Brad then booked me for dinner on Saturday night to accommodate Meg's busy schedule (usually Friday night is date night for us).
On Friday I took the kids up early to Meg's so they could play. At 5pm DeLyle and Brad arrived at the Manwarings after work so Meg and I could go to dinner. We went to Ogden to drop something off at her sister in laws and then went up Ogden Canyon for dinner. She wouldn't tell me where we were going, just that it was dinner. She needed to stop by a resort that she is a member of to see her brother for a few minutes (he was up from St George...or so I thought). We walked up to the door, knocked, and were greeted by our cute husbands and darling children. They all yelled surprise!!! it took me a few minutes to realize the what was really happening. Meg and I weren't going out to dinner. We were spending the weekend at this resort at Wolf Creek with our cute families. It took me all night and most of the next day to realize how much planning and deception had really gone on to pull it off. Brad had to fake a companions baby blessing to get me to get a substitute to fill in for me as choir director of our ward. There are so many more deceptions I can't get into. Man, was I surprised. We had the greatest time. Thank you Brad, Meg, and DeLyle for all of your hard work to make it a birthday I will never forget.

Did I mention Ashlyn had fun with toothpaste....again?!!!!


Leslie said...

What a great surprise!! Happy Birthday