Thursday, February 17

Ryan...our champion

I truly believe we are given specific personalities to deal with trials in life. That is the case with Ryan for sure. I have had so many people testify to this as well. Ryan has always been a serious minded child well beyond his years. He has always been concerned about his health and doing the correct things. Well, Ryan has handled this huge trial well beyond his years. It has been one month and today he did his first shot by himself at school without me there (he does his own shots all the time...but I have had to go to the school everyday for lunch until today). Of course his numbers were really low today and I was wondering why I wasn't there. We got through it though. He is such a champion. he doesn't cry. He doesn't complain. He did have his first break down last week when I called him up for dinner. He didn't want another shot. He cried for a bit, and then was just fine!!

He has slowed down on eating knowing if he eats for than 15 carbs for his snack then he needs a shot. He mostly chooses not to. His numbers are all over the place, which is to be expected. I have to call the doctor every other day and he makes new adjustments to the insulin doses and carb ratios almost daily. I sometimes get overwhelmed by that, but then I realize there is a reason we have a doctor. It is his job to worry and figure out this game, and my job is to follow his instructions and pray it works!! I have full confidence in our doctor. He is amazing and always seems to be a step ahead of the game.
It is amazing how much support we have had. It has made life so much more bearable. I have a wonderful contact at our insurance agency, the diabetes center up at the U of U is incredible. I have talked to so many people that know someone close to them with diabetes and they lend us so much support. This is a life long struggle and some days I lose it. But, those days will eventually become less and less. I couldn't ask for a better situation because Ryan is SOOOOO incredible. I really can't believe how well he has done. So, I have to say our entire lives have changed in this past month...and at the same time so much is the same!!


Jill Heaps said...

I was telling Jacqueline just yesterday what a PERFECT mom you are to have Ryan because you handle stress so well! Not to say you don't have your hard days, I know you are normal. Ryan IS such an amazing kid BUT he needs his Mom to help him and keep him going in a positive direction. I can't imagine how tricky it must all be. I am SO impressed and proud of Ryan and YOU!!! Keep up the good work. You are my inspiration!! LOVE YOU :)