Monday, July 18

Cute little Becca Boo

Last night Becca received her present from Grandma Sweeney (who was on vacation on Becca's birthday). She got the talking backpack from Dora the Explorer (which Becca is obsessed with still). She was in heaven. She was playing with all the fun toys that came in the backpack. We let Benjamin play with one of the small toys to keep him happy. Well, Ryan decided he wanted to look at the pretend video camera. So he started playing with it. Becca was quite upset. She said harshly to Ryan "No big boys allowed to play!" We do love this vivacious child!!


Gregg Sorensen Family said...

Oh how cute! I can totally hear her saying that too.

Bryce said...

She is too funny! She really was smitten with the whole set! I can also hear that coming from her cute little mouth!