Tuesday, April 14


This year I decided to do festival with a couple of friends that are teachers rather than the normal Utah County festival. Many reason went into that decision, but I am glad we did. It went extremely well. All of my students worked super hard to be prepared and pulled off amazing performances. This was Ryan's third year which means he gets his 1st piano trophy. This was Makayla's first year. They both did really well. I was so proud of the work they did. I also am so amazed at how they don't seem to get nervous. That is actually exactly what I want of my kids and students. The more they perform the less nervous they will get with all different kinds of performing. Good job, sweet children, I love you!!!!


Shandra said...

I love Makayla's dress. I actually got that same one for McKenzie. They're the most adorable dresses! Great job getting your kids to perform regularly. I never had a piano recital, so I am always very nervous to perform on the piano. I think that practice makes perfect when it comes to the jitters too!