Tuesday, April 14

Black and White

I have decided that I want to master the art of black and white. I am only at the beginning of my journey. Actually, I should say one step ahead of the beginning. Just pushing the button black and white is the beginning. I am a small step ahead of that. Here are a couple of pictures that were cute that I was trying out. As you can see, I still have yards to go, but it will be great to see progress.


The Serna Family said...

Tamera, you are so talented! I think the pictures turned out great! I have a question, How did you move your piano when you moved? Was it hard? I get my piano from my dad's when we move and I don't know if there's any special way to do it.

Sara Ann said...

Your girls are so beautiful! And yes, I am pregnant, almost 13 weeks:)