Sunday, May 24


So, we have now been back from Kauai, Hawaii for two weeks. I have yet to post anything about our fantastic trip on our blog because it has been a crazy two weeks. Quite honestly, it has been a crazy two months. Anyway, here is a slideshow of our pictures. I took over 1000 pictures on the trip. I think I have narrowed it down by half for your enjoyment. We really had a good time. We did tons of sightseeing, beach going, snorkeling, a helicopter tour, hiking along the most beautiful coast line in the world, hobnobbing with dolphins, and SCUBA diving with sea turtles. You could not ask for a more wonderful trip. We went with our good friends the Manwarings. It was really fun going to Hawaii with friends. We have done it twice on our own but it is a different experience with friends. I would highly recommend both.
My favorite part of the trip had to be SCUBA diving. It was my first time in the open ocean and it was INCREDIBLE!!!! Being able to breath underwater and swim with sea life is an experience unlike any other. I had many trepidations about the SCUBA trip, I was extremely quite on the way there which is usually a sign of nervousness. However, once I fell into the water and realized how well I could see and breathe it all went away and I had the most amazing experience. Enormous sea turtles swam right up to our faces without any hesitation. You actually had to move to not touch them (it is quite a fine if you do). The other sea life was incredible. After our first dive we were on the boat for 45 minutes and followed a pod of 100 or so dolphins. It was out of this world. They were spinning dolphins and loved to strut their stuff. Sea World had nothing on this real world adventure. We could have touched the dolphins if we had dared lean over the boat. However, none of us wanted to fall off and swim with the dolphins (although, that would have been pretty cool).
My favorite beach was probably Ke'e beach for the view. It is the furthest north west you can go before you hit the Napali coast. There are no roads on that coast, only an 11 mile hike. The beach is surrounded by the large green mountains. It is a place to experience, not just see. My favorite snorkeling beach was probably Tunnels, although the current was so strong we didn't get to see as much as we hoped. The other problem too was I would rather have been SCUBA diving rather than snorkeling.
One of the best things about the trip was the sunrise. I could lay on my bed and look out the window at Hanalei Bay, one of the most beautiful bays in this world, or so I have been told. I would have to agree though, it was incredible. We had a perfect view of the mountain called Bali Hai. It became famous in the movie South Pacific. I could spend forever on my bed or on the porch staring at the view. I loved watching the sun rays creep down the mountain in the morning. It was so beautiful.
All in all it was an incredible trip. I could not have asked for better weather, entertainment, and company. I hope one day I make it back there, but alas, there is so much more world to explore!!!

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Andrea Tao said...

Those pictures are beautiful! I have been there before so its fun to recognise things in your pictures. It looks like you guys had fun!!!

Christy said...

What a wonderful trip. I am glad that the two of you could escape. LOVE, love, love the pictures!