Sunday, September 13

Neighborhood Party

We had a fantastic neighborhood party that our neighbors the Jones' put together. The weekend before the party Brad and our Nate took down our fence, not for the party, but because he was given a new wooden fence we will put up between our homes. We decided to leave it down for the party. This made for a very fun party. We, as neighbors on airport dr, rented a huge water slide. It filled up most of the Jones' back yard. Having the fence down made it great so we could do the food on our side. The kids had whale of a good time. That slide was used for 4 hours straight. At the end of the night Diana Ware somehow talked all the women into going down in our clothes. I usually do not give into peer pressure, but somehow they coerced me....even in a white shirt. All was well, no worries. We really had a blast.

Becca wanted to go down the slide over and over again. Brad was such a good sport.
The kids had a blast laughing with the people coming down the slide.
The women had just as much gabbing with each other. We just don't get enough of it.
The other side of the party.


Koreena said...

That looks like so much fun!