Sunday, September 6

More August Joys

The biggest news in August is that we got a new addition to the Ginger.
Ryan and Kayla decided they wanted a bunny when they went to see new little ones born at our neighbors house at the beginning of the summer. We told them they could get one or two, HOWEVER, only if they earned the money for the rabbits, the cages, food, and the hutch (which was the biggest expense). Well, they worked hard all summer long and by August they had earned enough (and it was about $75 MORE than we thought it would be) and Ryan helped dad build the hutch which also helped him earn his Wolf Cub Scout badge.

I love this picture. You can see how happy Ryan was to help his dad build something. He really enjoyed the whole process.The kids absolutely love Ginger. We will be getting another bunny in a couple of months, as soon as he or she is born and can be weaned from his mother.


Emily said...

What a sweet bunny! Still can't get over how big your kids are getting, and how awesome that they worked so hard to earn everything, what great kids, and great parents!

Gregg Sorensen Family said...

That picture is so cute of Ryan, I am so proud of your kids for earning the money all by themselves!

Allison Owen said...

What cute nieces and nephew I have! I am so proud of them!