Friday, May 14

Count your Blessings

Last night I was thinking through this crazy week and realizing how many blessings we have been given during this trial. Brad is always telling me to count my blessings so I will. (These are in no particular order as I consider them all equally a HUGE blessing)

#1-I made it to the hospital in time to have Benjamin.
#2-We didn't discover his low blood sugar until after our kids were able to come and spend time with him in the delivery room.
#3-We have the BEST and I truly mean the BEST nurse in Level 2 nursery possible. Beata, this incredible German lady, has made the difference. She isn't just our nurse, she is our friend and cheerleader. She gets just as nervous as we do to see what the blood sugars will be.
#3b-To go along with Beata, I found out last night she usually only works on Wednesday-Friday. However, they needed help on Monday and Tuesday so she has worked the entire week with us. No other child has had the same nurse all week. We have had different and wonderful nurses at night, but always have the same one during the day. The consistency has been wonderful. I also pondered today that I was scheduled to be induced today!! If I had been and Benjamin had had this problem Beata would not have been our nurse through the whole thing and my doctor wouldn't have been on the whole time since it would be the weekend and someone else may have been on call.
#4-My mother in law was able to change her flight and be the surrogate mother all week. It has been so wonderful to know my kids are at home, having fun, but having some consistency through this all!! Thanks to her for loving my kids during all of this. (although, on a funny side note, Becca informed Nana yesterday that it is time for her to go home!! I think Becca is certainly ready for this to be done!!)
#5-I was able to stay in a room tonight instead of the family lounge. It was nice to shower again and have privacy.
#6-I have been feeling INCREDIBLE physically. Seriously, for the most part I don't feel like I just had a baby. All of my pregnancy complaints are gone. I love how that happens. I always get to this point and realize how sick I always felt. My biggest complaint now is my back hurts from everything....mostly all this nursing. I have to have a pretty active role as Benjamin learns. The more he really sucks the better his chances are of getting better. It is quite exhausting but oh so worth it.
#7-Just last week or the week before they changed the visiting policy for the Level 2 nursery. Because of this my kids have been able to actually hold him in the nursery. 2 weeks ago they would have had to just look through a window.
#8-I have the BEST husband in the world. I am serious. He has been by my side to help me with whatever I need. He is always jumping up to help and makes sure I am taking it easy. He has been a huge help getting Benjamin to wake up to eat. He has been sleeping with Becca at home as she is still trying to recover. That in and of itself is a feat. She moves around TONS!!! He has been and continues to be my rock through all of this. There is nothing more I love than to see him holding little Benjamin. Man, I love this man!!!
#9-Brad has been able to work from the hospital . His boss has been wonderful to let him do this. Although he is working all the time, it is nice to have him by my side. Let's just pray we are done with this by Monday because he will have to go back.
#10-I have been able to have 5 days of quite bonding time with Benjamin. It just wouldn't have been the same at home. Becca loves this little guy way too much and is going to always want to be with him.
#11-My mother was able to step in and teach all of my group piano lessons for me. I had worked hard to get things ready for my students as I take the summer off and we were able to still give them what I had worked on. Thanks mom for all you have done!!
#12-I have an incredible support system. All of my family and friends have been there through calls, prayers(yes, we have been feeling them), thoughts and well wishes online. I love you all very much!!!
#13-For the most part I have been really calm through all of this. This is a direct blessing I was given at the beginning of my pregnancy and is continuing through all of this. I have bad moments, but the Holy Ghost is right there to help me in the end!!!

As I think of more I will have to post them. We are going in right now to test his sugars and feed him. My stomach is churning. We turned the IV down to a 2 and the 10 oclock hour has messed us up everyday as it hasn't been good. Let's pray for a miracle!!!


Christy said...

Saw your kiddos around 7 tonight and they said that you were headed home WITH the baby!!!! YEAH!!! I hope that they weren't just foolin' me.

It is amazing how we are lifted through trials. I am impressed that you have been able to find the "gifts" while still in it.

My best recovery was with Tyson (the sick little stinker that loved the hospital). I was too amazed at how great I felt even while trying to get a grip on my upside down life.

I am just thrilled for you and am praying that you will have a very uneventful weekend with all of your chickens under one roof.

With love....