Friday, May 28

Kids say the darndest things

I really should have been recording all of the funny things my kids have been saying the past few weeks. Here are a couple of cute and funny things.

Becca to Nana: You need to go home. (said while I was stuck in the hospital-she was having a hard time with mom being gone)

Becca to Nana again once I was home: You can go home now.

Becca to Nana the day Nana was leaving: You stay. Don't go home.

Becca and Ash have been curious about nursing. Ash asked how I was going to feed the baby. So, one of the first times I was feeding him once i was home Ash came in and watched. She said "Oh, that's just like a sheep." Baa baa....I really feel more like a cow, but we are on the same page!!

When I was pregnant and asked Becca where the baby was she would always point to my huge chest and say "baby". So, one day I was feeding Benjamin and she was watching for a minute. She got a concerned look on her face and said "Mom, why is Benjamin biting the baby?"


Koreena said...

Those are so funny!

Melody said...

HILARIOUS!!! I was laughing out loud.