Friday, May 28

Ashlyn's Preschool graduation

This year we did a neighborhood preschool for Ashlyn and her friends. It ended up being 7 kids in our ward, 6 girls and 1 boy. The moms would teach every 7 weeks for 2 days that week. At the beginning of the year we got together and decided on the order, what would be taught when, field trips, etc. It worked out so well. Big props to the other moms that took it very seriously and did an amazing job. I feel like Ashlyn got a quality education for free. Plus, she was with all of her friends in the ward. It was a really fun thing. It went well when it was my week to teach. The kids were extremely well behaved, which is amazing when you have 7 four year olds for 2 hours. They all learned so much. I was nervous doing it knowing I would be pregnant and knowing how sick I get. But, I only had to cancel once the entire year and that was because Ashlyn had a fever, not because of me. I am so proud of my sweet Ashlyn. She loves to learn and is so excited for kindergarten. I can't believe she is that old!!!
Megan, Brooke, Emily, Bryant, Kylee, Ashlyn, Gwyn

Cute hats that Kylee's mom made.

Ashlyn and her best friend Brooke. These two love each other like sisters!! They like to call themselves twins.

The kids didn't quite understand the concept of throwing the hats.


Tamara said...

ashlyn thats awsome news i love when you guys threw the hats bryant was so happy