Friday, May 28


Here are some cute pictures of my kids this past week.
The kids were so intrigued by me bathing Benjamin.

This kind of gives an idea of how small he is.

I love this picture. Ryan just adores this little guy.
Isn't she so beautiful? I cropped this from a picture taken when the kids were watching Benjamin's bath.
I am a sucker for sleeping babies pictures.
Becca also adores her baby brother.

Becca was bawling for Ash's graduation cap!!
Another one. I really can't get enough!!


Emily said...

Seriously, one of the miracles of a family, is watching the siblings, and how much they love that new baby too.
Just wonderful and magical.

Koreena said...

My goodness, they are all just so adorable! That little guy is just so tiny I could eat him up!