Tuesday, July 14


Why is it that the batteries in a smoke alarm only decide to run out of batteries and start chirping in the middle of the night? Last night we had yet another experience in this matter. The crazy thing is even when the smoke alarm was disconnected from all the wiring and the battery it was still chirping. It reminded me of those horrible dreams where your alarm clock goes off, you try to shut it off and it doesn't go off, you unplug it and still it screams at you. Alas, you go to extreme means and beat the blasted thing with a hammer...yet it still goes on and on. Finally, you realize that you are dreaming and your alarm clock is really going off. That is truly how I felt last night. However, the dang smoke alarm did not shut off. We had to eventually put it in the garage so we could get some sleep.


Bre said...

yeah, I definitely know how that feels. :) Have you seen that episode of Friends when the smoke alarm is going off at Phoebe's place, even after she smashes it to pieces? Yeah, good episode. :)