Wednesday, July 15

We're in Trouble!!!

Each of my children that has even taken a binki (Kayla never did) has been off of it before the next sibling came. For Ryan he was done by around 12 months and Ashlyn was around 21 months. Well, Becca hasn't had another sibling breathing down her neck. So, we haven't been in a huge rush to get rid of it. Putting her to bed for naps and nighttime has been too easy with it. Traveling, not a big deal. However, as she approached 2 I knew I needed to wean her before it got too hard. But, in May we went to Hawaii and I knew it would be easier for my babysitters if she had it. So, I waited. Then, she was getting 3 i-teeth which was causing her much grief so I waited. Then, we went to California and I had to drive my kids home myself which I was super worried about. I knew it would be MUCH better if she had ber binki. So, once again, I waited. But, I had decided early June that after this California trip we were done. She is much to old to be going around with a pacifier. I knew it would be difficult, but we can do it. I am more attached than she is right?
Well..........not anymore. Last night I put her to bed without it. I was going to let her cry to sleep knowing she would eventually survive. As I was going to bed I thought I should check on her to see if she had fallen asleep by her door (which she did the other day). I know she had been by her door for a while, so I wanted to make sure. When we looked in we saw a darling site.
She had put herself back in her bed and pulled up the covers. It was so adorable. Then I looked closer and .....what did I see?
That little stinker had found her binki. I was so excited that we had one night down...but NO!!!! I always keep them in her top drawer of her dresser. This is what we saw..
She had stood in her bottom drawer to reach the top drawer with the binkis. They will now be thrown out!!!


Brad said...

Ummm.... thrown out? Maybe hid very well, but thrown out? What if this transition doesn't work out well? :)

Emily said...

What a smartie!!! That is so funny, she totally knew where to get them and HOW to get them!

Emily said...
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