Wednesday, July 15


We just spent 10 wonderful days in California at Brad's parents home (well, Brad was cheated out of 5 days since he had to go back for work). It was so relaxing and fun. Usually when we are there so are the rest of Brad's 6 siblings and spouses and once little niece. It was really fun to be just us with mom and dad and Doug (for a few moments when he wasn't sleeping, working, or hanging out with others...we just weren't quite cool enough!!!) Lori was at EFY when we got there, home for one day, and then went to Lake Powell with Mari (my sister-in-laws) parents. It was very quiet, well, as quiet as it can be with 4 little kids running around.
We made the most of our time, although there was still plenty of down time for my kids to watch way too much disney channel. I swear they have now seen every episode of Wizards at Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, and The Suite Life on Deck. I have seen way too many episodes, and I wasn't even watching with them!!!
On Thursday night we stayed in Primm, Nevada at Buffalo Bills hotel. I hate walking through a Casino with my kids. Although, they thought it was pretty cool. Makayla kept saying "It is just a great big game room!!!" The kids were wired up the wazoo!!!! They were literally bouncing off the beds. Becca was laying on my bed when she suddenly said "this is awesome!!" We all were stunned as we didn't know she knew the word awesome. We had to capture it on Brad's i-phone, although it took a few tries.