Wednesday, July 15

Thursday, July 9th

Thursday was a wonderful day. We had the wonderful opportunity of seeing our friends the Jasinski's that are living in LA. I haven't seen them for almost 2 years, our babies were, well, babies. Now they are grown up toddlers. Eva, was Ryan's best friend when they were 4 years old. It always takes our kids only a few minutes to warm up to each other and then they begging to stay forever. We had a wonderful lunch, kids played in the slippin slide and the little kiddie pool, and we had tons of visiting....just not enough. It is amazing how when you have good friendship it doesn't matter how much time you are apart, it always seems like we were never apart. Jean is one of those friends. I hope to see her again soon!!!
Becca found this "drinking fountain". Not the most sanitary thing, but it made her happy....until I stopped her!!!!

Ashlyn didn't want to try the slippin slide with everyone watching. But, once the attention as elsewhere she went the first time herself and then had a ball the rest of the day.

Makayla, Leah, Eva, Ryan


jean said...

Yeah, I'm a little slow catching up in the blogging world....sure miss and love you all!