Wednesday, July 15

Saturday, 4th of July, Brad's birthday

Saturday was full of fun. Well, it didn't quite start that way for Brad, Doug, or Dad. Mom and Dad decided to fill in the trampoline hole since it was way too expensive to fix the broken tramp. (Yes, my kids were severely disappointed) Their neighbor across the street had a bunch of dirt he dug up for a project in his back yard and said dad could have it if he wheeled it out. So, the boys worked extremely hard on this huge pile of dirt. On Monday Brad and I finished the pile and let me tell you, it is very hard work....and I didn't even run the wheel barrow. I just shoveled the dirt!!! You boys are amazing...and Brad, you are even more amazing for doing it on your birthday.

After the hard shoveling we opened presents. Becca's birthday was a week before Brad's so she knew exactly what to do with the presents. She had to sit on Brad's lap and help him, otherwise, she was just going at the presents on her own!!!

After presents, went to the beach again. We were disappointed to find that it was windy again which made it cold for the kids. They still had fun playing, but didn't last as long as the parents. The irony of the whole situation is one big reason we went down this summer was to get warm beach days. You just never know in November or December how warm it will be and the ocean is always way too cold to play in. Oh, well. The kids still had a ball.
That night we had a nice bbq, chocolate cake, and Camarillo fireworks!!! It is nice of the country to celebrate the birth of my sweet husband!!!!