Friday, July 17

Pinewood Derby

Well, last night we had our first ever Pinewood Derby experience. The best way to describe it is organized chaos. There were very excited boy scouts and their families everywhere. Each boy got to race his car 6 times, randomly, and they averaged all the times to get the "winners". Ryan's car won 2 first places, 2 second, 1 third, and 1 fourth. He won 2nd fastest in his wolf den and 7th fastest of all the boys (there were probably 30 of them!!). He was so excited by all of this. Brad was extremely relieved that he didn't build a losing car. Everyone went home happy.

Kayla had so much fun watching all the cars with her friends.

On your mark, get set, and GO!!!!!

Ryan anticipating his race
Becca found her friend Claire and they entertained themselves!!!