Friday, July 17

Build a Bear....a tradition

My mom started a tradition several years ago of taking her grandkids to build a bear for their birthdays. My kids just started doing this past year. They have now all had a turn. Today Becca went with her cousin Chloe whose birthday is a week after Becca's. After having gone several times I knew which one I would choose for my baby....because does she really care? We chose this soft little lamb. She is adorable and Becca loves her. She is named Cuddles.


WOLF-PACK said...

So cute. Your parents look great! We have that tradition in our family- only they get to go on their 3rd birthday.

Allison Owen said...

Becca is such a sweetie! The pictures just make me want to pick her up and give her squeezes! You are so lucky she let you get the lamb!!!!

Ann Mitchell said...

Your mom and dad look HAPPY!!! I love Build-A-Bear!!!