Wednesday, July 22

Wednesday, July 8th ZOO ZOO ZOO!!!!

We're going to the ZOO ZOO ZOO You can go too, we're going to the ZOO. That is how we spent the day on Wednesday, once I got back from taking Brad to the airport. The kids had a wonderful time. They love "Nana's" zoo. Although everytime we go to California we go to the zoo, the kids don't get sick of it. In fact, the second they find out we are going to California they ask if we are going to the zoo. It is a beautiful zoo full of tons of green trees. However, it is full of hills (now that I think about it, what zoo doesn't have big hills?) The kids had fun with all the animals, although most were hiding from us. The biggest attraction of the day ended up being us. We had rented a wagon to pull the little girls around in at the zoo. However, going down the hills was very tricky with the wagon as it gained momentum and was hard to control. After lunch all the kids wanted to ride in the wagon. I had no problem pulling the wagon until we hit the giraffe hill. It is a short but very steep hill. Ryan wondered how I would handle it, but I said I would fine. I should have listened to my eight year old. I started going down the hill slowly, the wagon started picking up speed. I did my best to stop it with my body, but the hill got the best of all of us. The wagon went faster and faster, I really tried to slow it down but it went so fast that it eventually took me out with the kids. The wagon hit my knees and I fell in with the little ones. My mother in law was chasing after us trying to stop it, but couldn't. We finally ran into a retaining wall and the wagon tipped over. The littlest girls started crying, but no one was hurt. Mom and I started laughing and couldn't stop for several minutes. I nice man came and tried to help us, but he was too late. I am sure he and his wife are still laughing at the spectacle.