Thursday, October 16

Ode to Becca

I just got off the phone with one of my best friends from high school. 4 weeks ago her almost six month old boy died suddenly. The entire situation has really helped me put life and motherhood in perspective. I appreciate the little things more and I love every moment with my children and everything about that.
So, today is my ode to Becca. One of the things I love about Becca are her feet. They have always been chubby little things. They are also some of her favorite play toys. She would chew on them forever. She HATES and I am mean HATES things on her feet. I do put shoes on her, although anyone that ever sees her would never believe me. She pulls them off so quickly. Today at Thanksgiving Point I was doing a mini-photo shoot with my girls and my friend Ruth and her kids. One of my favorite shots was a full shot of Becca smiling. But, the thing I loved best were her little feet so perfect in every way....especially with the dirt on them from not wearing shoes (they were brought but why bother with this child?) Here is the cute picture I cropped of my darling daughters feet.
Another thing I love about Becca are her hands. Her tiny hands are slowly getting rid of the cute dimples that have graced them for 15 months. The thing I love most about her hands are when she blows me kisses. She has started this the past couple of weeks and it melts your heart. A funny thing she does with her hands is she loves to push my hands out of the way when she wants to do something I am doing. It can get annoying...but I am living and loving the moment!!!

All in all I love my daughter Becca. She really brightens up whatever room she is in. She is still the most pleasant baby in the world (don't worry, she does have her moments). Her laughter is infectious and she is turning into quite the tease (she gets that from her daddy!!!) She is starting to talk, walk (finally), and be quite the curious George. I truly believe she will give Ashlyn a run for the money here soon with her mischeviousness. I love you, Becca!!!


Koreena said...

What a sweet tribute. That's so sad about your friend's son. It makes you realize just how amazingly precious life is.

Sara Ann said...

You have the most beautiful kids! Her little feet are so darling:)

Bre said...

we love becca! She's so adorable and she sure looks a lot like Ashlynn in this picture! :)