Wednesday, October 29

Real Life

So, why I thought it would be different with a blog as far as keeping up on writing, I will never know.
On Sunday we had a wonderful fireside from a member of our stake presidency. He mentioned in there how with this new life of blogging we shouldn't compare ourselves to others and their lives. Most of the time the people are writing about the good things going on to give themselves pick me ups or whatnot. Well, I shall break everyones mold of telling only the great things and fill you in on my real life.....I will leave out some less than flattering details that could warrent someone calling DCFS on me...just kidding.
My day started with neither Brad nor I wanting to get up and Becca waking up at 5:30 instead. Finally, a little after six I decided I had better exercise now or it wouldn't happen today. That went well. I started teaching at 7:15am. I made chore lists for my children and had high hopes that they would be so excited with todays incentive to clean that they would get it done without any nagging. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Who was I kidding? I told them if they finished before school they could invite two friends over to watch Nancy Drew for Halloween. Well, it got finished, but not without some emotional scars (mostly on my part). Trying to get kids to do chores while I teach for an hour and a half is impossible. I know I need to just say "these are your chores, if they are done we have the movie. If they are not done no movie." and leave it at that. My problem is I get so sad thinking of how they will feel when they don't get the movie that I nagged. BAD ME!!!!! I really am trying to just lay down the law and let them make mistakes so they will learn consequences. Hopefully the rest of the day I will be better.
After I was done teaching and got Ryan out the door I finished cleaning the house. Can anyone explain to me why my house looks WORSE after they are done with chores than before? Hmmmm.....I really don't get it. Anyway, I went to throw away something in our front bathroom and I noticed something that just made my day. Yes, it was poo. Not Whinnie the Pooh, just plain old poop. Yesterday Ashlyn and her sweet little friend Brooke were in the bathroom for a long time. I now know what they were doing. As I was cleaning the poop from the toilet I was thinking to myself "this is why on this earth before the millenium I am stopping at 4." Obviously I can't even handle the four I have. So, if you look at me and say "Hey, she always wanted 7 kids....why is she stopping at 4?" Just remember Octobers are horrible months for Ashlyn and I and they come around once a year so there is no avoiding it.
Just for fun, let me list some mischief Ashlyn has gotten into this month.
#1-Cut her friend Brooke's hair
#2-Emptied shampoo bottle number 20.
#3-Wrote all over her wall my her bed with crayon
#4-Painted nail polish on the bricks on my front porch (oops, I don't think Brad knew about that one)
#5-Drew on my Parenting with Love and Logic with crayon (how would the authors handle that one?)
#6-The poop in the garbage can
#7-Cut a hole in her pillow and has gradually made it bigger and pulled out the stuffing
#8-Nail polish all over her hands and who knows what else

Disclaimer: every marker, nail polish, or crayon I find goes in the garbage can. The scissors are stored up high, yet she somehow still finds them.

I love my little daughter. She just keeps me on my toes.


Koreena said...

It's true, most people write about all the positive stuff. Not that it's bad to focus on the positive, but everyone else gets a distorted view of how your life really is. Thanks for sharing your real life!

I can't believe all the trouble Ashlyn can get into! What a stinker! Good thing kids are so cute. I swear Matty's cuteness saves his life somedays! :)

Christy said...

Isn't motherhood glorious! I just love it! Actually, I wouldn't change it for the world but I would change some of the tasks it makes us have to do. (aka poop!)

You are a good mom! I hope that my blog doesn't look like a grass is greener blog.... I try to paint my life as is... comical, if only I could learn to laugh at it.