Wednesday, October 22

A New Leaf

So, I am hoping after I exercise I can record some thought here on the blog about the previous day. However, I need my baby to cooperate with this plan. We got up at 5:30 to exercise. I actually hopped out of bed this morning. The past couple of mornings I have been really groggy and it's taken me 15 minutes to get ready. Not today, I actually slept straight through from 10pm-5:30am without waking for anything. It's been a long time since I have done that. The past couple of weeks I have awoken at 2am with strange and restless dreams. Anyway, as Brad and I were quietly getting ready we heard Becca starting to cry. Ah, oh. Usually she will go back to sleep. We quietly tip-toed (okay, so I tip-toed, Brad just walked softly....which WASN'T ENOUGH!!! ha ha ha) down to our basement. Becca cried a bit and then settled. We got going into our 50 minute routine. It was slow going anyway because Brad was using bands for a shoulder and arms workout. It wasn't working because he had to continuously adjust the bands. We finally started to get into a rhythm when Becca started screaming. Brad finally had to go get her and get a bottle. He brought her down. All was well until she decided she wanted to be held and was letting us know. I was afraid of the other kids waking so we had to hold her. Finally, fate was kind, we put her back to bed and I believe she is still there. Who knows. Anyway, if I get a toned sexy won't be because of my children who from conception have done everything they can to deter me in these efforts!!!!

So, last night I realized that a funny thing happens. In the morning I am super excited to see my kids....everyday (unless it is 5:30 in the morning and they should still be asleep). Throughout the day things happen and my patience wears thin with certain children. Yet, no matter what, when I put Becca to bed I just want to hold and squeeze her little body all night long. She gives me kisses and lays her head on my shoulder. It is a moment I love with all my heart. I miss her as soon as I lay her down. With my other children the same thing happens....once they have come up the last time for the night and are seriously going to sleep. That is when I want to cuddle and adore them all night long. So, how do I get those feelings all day long? That will be my quest today. Let's see if I can do it!!!


Leslie said...

Good Luck!! It is hard for me to have a lot of patience too. :)