Tuesday, October 21

American Fork Canyon Photo fiasco (I mean shoot)

I have been so excited to go up the canyon for family pictures. I should have known things weren't going to be as planned when at almost the mouth of the canyon I realized my camera was dead and the spare battery was at home. We got the battery but Kayla and Ashlyn fell asleep. We also took pictures of Allison's family, her kids, my kids, and our family. Not good. All the kids were grumps, lighting wasn't great, and we were having issues figuring exposure issues on the camera. It made for a fiasco of a night.I love the swinging bridge park up AF canyon. It is gorgeous for outdoor shots.

Ashlyn just loves getting her picture taken....on her time. This is my bubbly girl.

Some other fun pics of Ash.

I was going to photoshop out the drip coming out of her nose....but, I wanted to capture how she really is....most of the time.

I had to photoshop a different head on Brad. The best picture of Ryan and the others had Brad closing his eyes....shocker!!! Anyone that has ever tried to take a picture of Brad knows he closes his eyes 90% of the time. I love my photoshop program!!!

Kayla posed herself. She is my little model. Too bad it wasn't the greatest camera day for me.

Where's Becca? Peek-a-boo. She was not happy for pictures until we put her by the big rocks.

The kids loved skipping rocks in the water.

"A boo" This is one of Brad's and Becca's favorite games.

This would have been a darling shot of Dad and all his girls....except Makayla was spunking BIG TIME. Not usual for her and pictures. She can be crying, I whip out the camera and she has her permagrin on. I guess I was too far away so she couldn't see the camera.


Lisa Hartle said...

You have a very beautiful family! You also are so very talented in so many different ways-you are always welcome on the soft chairs at church! :)

Koreena said...

Even if it wasn't the best photo day, you still got some cute shots!

Christy said...

I think your pictures turned out great. I don't know what you are taking about the lighting.... but I suppose the water was running a little high...silly. And as Lisa said you can sit on the soft bench only if you stay away from mine. I love watching the Deacon's goof off and wouldn't want to share it with anyone....mine, all mine! (Sorry it is 12:30 am)

The Serna Family said...

Tamera! Your family is adorable! Is it possible that your kids are getting that big?? I miss you tremendously! I'm glad to see you're doing so well!!
XOXO Emily

Lara said...

I just HAD to comment and let you know how funny I thought it was that you wrote you had to photoshop Brad's head on the picture. When I first saw the family picture, I thought "That looks exactly like Brad's face when he was 11 years old - just pasted on a grown-up's body". So it made me laugh when you said you actually had to paste that head on. How funny. I think your pictures are beautiful. I wish we lived near you guys - I would totally love to pay you to do a photo shoot for our famliy. It's a tall order to get all 8 kids to even hold still at the same time - let alone look at the camera and smile. I think I need to learn to photoshop like you!! Congrats on your beautiful family!!