Friday, October 31

30 Days to 30

On November 22 I turn 30. I have been just fine with this until last week when I thought "What, 30, really? How can I be getting so old?" I guess I have 4 kids, one of which will be getting baptized in 6 month, and a house it is okay. My sweet husband has been thinking of ways to make this day special for me. So, last week he surprised me with a present on my bed. Attached was a sweet card saying we were going to have 30 days to 30. He would be giving me surprises of all forms for the next 30 days. Here is a run down of what has happened thus far
Day 30-A new lap top (our other one broke and I was going NUTS being in the basement on my regular computer, plus with all the photo editing I am doing a laptop is way more efficient with being a mother)
Day 29-Deep cleaning of three bathrooms
Day 28-Fixing and cleaning up of dinner and all dishes
Day 27-A 30 minute back rub (after P90x that is a HUGE gift)
Day 26-A subscription to three photography magazines (I can't wait to start getting them)
Day 25-A wonderful surprise date in our backyard with our fire pit, marshmallows, games, and a tent
Day 24-A subscription to Readers Digest magazine (I have wanted that forever)
Day 23-Tickets to see Wicked in LA the day after Christmas
Day 22-Clean our office (it took over 4 hours but it is amazing the organization he did-we have needed to do it since we moved in 14 months ago)
Day 21-Another 30 minute back rub(I can NEVER have enough of those)
Day 20-A big tub of hot cocoa (I have been out since the end of winter and we have missed it)
Day 19-Get Smart (If you haven't seen this movie you is HILARIOUS!!! We actually saw it in the theater for Brad's 30th birthday this past summer)
Day 18-Cleaning the whole house and getting kids in bed (he actually had this planned for Monday, but I actually had the house clean when he got home....tonight will be good as I have a meeting)

And that is where we are for the count down. I have 17 more joyous things to look forward to. This has made it much easier to embrace the birthday. I never want to be one of those people that dreads their birthday because they are getting older. However, I do understand why they do. It is weird to think I am entering my 30's. People that are 30 are older parents and have lots of least that is how I always saw them growing up. My how our perspectives change.


Koreena said...

My goodness, what a sweet husband you have! I'm glad he's making the countdown easier for you. I still have a couple years til 30, but I'm already not looking forward to it. I think I'll have to show Dan this post. :)

Garnet said...

What a great idea! I think I should send my husband out to get some tips from Brad. I've got to say 30 isn't so bad. Once you're there, you really are too busy to think about it anyways. And Heck yeah, I would say you're doing well to have 4 kids by the time you are 30. I'm 31 and I've just barely got 2 kids! Obviously I've got a lot of catching up to do. And I'm not getting any younger :)

Garnet said...
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Christy said...

Jealous! How lucky are you?! 30 is nothing just wait until you hit 31 it's a killer :)!!! I am glad that your sweet husband has found a way to honor a great woman. I am thrilled for you.