Saturday, November 29

I am officially 30!!!

Well, it is done. I am officially 30. Brad did an incredible job leading up to the big day. I didn't even dread it at all. Here are more of the things he did for me for my birthday.
Day 17-I can't remember...isn't that horrible?
Day 16-Another day I can't remember although I will say it was a great night in that Utah beat TCU in a very close game
Day 15-We went to the temple and did sealings with my family for my dad's birthday. I was really sick that night with a weird stomach and head virus. Brad brought me dinner for my gift.
Day 14- A Back rub
Day 13-A very nice breakfast. Crepes with raspberries and whipped cream.....ummmmm
Day 12-Brad was EXTREMELY sick that day so he got a pass.
Day 11-Brad brought home a beautiful pot of yellow flowers
Day 10-Fall decorations. I love them
Day 9--Brad gave me a new hymn book this night. How grateful I was for this as my kids had ripped my old one apart with missing pages.
Day 8--This was a fun night. We had a nice dinner and then watched Kung Fu Panda with my kids all crowded on my bed. It was a really fun night.
Day 7-We went on a date-dinner and finishing Christmas shopping. We finished our kids stuff. It was great to get it done.
Day 6-Brad made his famous Cinnamon Rolls. You can never go wrong with those things.
Day 5--This night we went to celebrate my sister in law Bre getting engaged at the Cheesecake Factory. That was also my gift since that place is so expensive!!! I greatly enjoyed the cheesecake.
Day 4-I was sick (again) and so Brad and the kids surprised me with Gelato from the new Smith's Market Place by our house. It was wonderful. I am excited to have it near by.
Day 3-This day he made me a cool video about 1978. It had all sorts of things that happened in 1978. It was awesome.
Day 2-Brad knew I had a really hard day and wasn't feeling well again (I have been sick for about 2 months straight with horrible sinus headaches). So, for my gift he made wheat bread and navaho tacos for dinner!!!
Day 1-Brad and I went out to dinner at Golden Corral. We both thought a buffet would be fun and Brad heard Golden Corral was good. Well, the food was okay, but it is like having a great big family dinner with a whole bunch of strangers. Instead of spending my last night in my twenties- doing something crazy I celebrated with a bunch of elderly people. I guess that could make me feel young!!! Funny side note, for my birthday lunch that day my sisters gave me a red Utah sweatshirt. I wore it that night and Brad was wearing his BYU sweater. I can't even count how many people looked at us or made comments that night and the next morning about our "opposing" sweatshirts. One guy said he would not have married his wife if she were a Utah fan and didn't "convert". I am sure I have a few brothers-in-law that are the same way. All I can say is I am glad I married who I married. I love you, sweetie!!!!
So, we are still on the 21st. After dinner we decided to hang out a bit longer. Brad drove up to the Red Lion hotel in Salt Lake and surprised me with a room. When we got in the room he surprised me with my last gift-tickets to see Twilight that night. We had a wonderful evening!!!
Day 0- Nov 22nd-the big day-we had a nice breakfast, played Ticket to Ride (right in the middle of the day-it was really fun) and the biggest present of all Utah beat BYU. So, Brad didn't have a thing to do with that. BUT, he handled the loss so darn well that that in and of itself was a great present.

Well, that is it. My husband is the most wonderful and creative guy I know. I am now 30 and don't even care. Thanks to all those friends and family that helped make the weekend special. I had a party with my sisters, time with Brad, a surprise party on Sunday, and then a lunch with my neighborhood friends on Monday. It was wonderful!!!


Koreena said...

That all sounds so wonderful! (Except the parts where you're sick. That stinks!)

I just told Dan he needs to call Brad when my 30th approaches so he can get a few lessons. :)