Tuesday, October 21

A Season of Change

This fall has brought a season of change. I am finally done with the benefit concert. However, since I can't sit around and think of what to do I have started delving into things I have been wanting to do, just waiting for the time. The first is Brad and I have started waking up at 5:30am to do P90x together. That is an extreme exercise program. It has been great. We go to bed at 9:30 so I haven't needed a nap yet.
The second thing is I am studying more on photography. I have quickly realized how much I love it. I love looking at good pictures and thinking "could I do that?" I am learning more and more about my camera and am trying not to get frustrated that I don't know even more. I took some pictures in the mountains last Saturday. Some were great....some were not. I am having lighting issues. I am hoping to take a photoshop class and some photography courses to really improve. I am trying to get people to let me take their pictures for practice. It's pretty fun.
I am also starting to sing in a group with some of the people that sang in the group at the benefit concert. I love to sing but don't have the opportunity as much as I would like. I am also starting voice lessons again. That will be a great thing for me. I need help!!!!
There are so many more things in this world I want to discover. I have to tell myself that I will hopefully have an eternity to do all I want to do. Italian lessons are the next on the list, but I just need a teacher. Brad actually works with an Italian but we both think it would be kind of weird for me to have one on one lessons with a 40 year old Italian male. I keep telling Brad he can just have them with me!!!
All in all, life is good. The kids are happy and doing well in school. Ashlyn is still into making messes, but is getting better at cleaning them up (with help of course). Becca is still getting this walking thing down. You need to see the look on her face when she walks a big path!! She just beams. I keep telling her she can feel that way all the time....yet, she just doesn't have the perfect balance yet for standing.


Amy said...

Good luck with your photography aspirations! From what I've seen, you already take beautiful photos. I'm trying to get into it myself, and I keep feeling like the more I learn, the more I feel like I need to know to get a better photo. I think you are beyond me in your skills, though! But it is just so much fun, and you can't beat the end product! I'm sure your classes will teach you a lot, but if you are interested in a quick read with lots of great tips, check out Scott Kelby's "Digital Photography" series. Although beware that after reading, you will feel like you need about $10,000 more of equipment!