Tuesday, September 30

Benefit Concert

So, I believe my excuse for not updating my blog this month is pretty legit. Life, as usual, has been crazy...just more so now. I have been working since July on putting together a benefit concert for a little girl in my ward. Her name is Emily Heaps. She is 6 years old and just underwent her second bone marrow transplant. She was born with the "bubble boy syndrome" which means she was born with no immune system. When she was two months old she received her first transplant from her older sister Jacqueline. Well, over the years the tranpslant has stopped working and in order to save her life she had to have another transplant. All went well with the surgery and she is recovery remarkably well. The problem is she is on 12 medications daily. One drug alone costs $100 a week!!! So, my friend Ruth and I decided to put on a musical benefit concert in hopes of raising some money for this dear family.
The concert will be on Friday, October 10th at 7pm. It will be held at Lehi Jr High. Anyone and everone is invited to attend. We would love to fill the place. Well, to be honest that makes me a little nervous as I am playing the entire concert except for three numbers when two other pianists will be playing a number. I am playing 4 piano solos and then accompanying the rest. It will be an amazing concert. We have some incredible talent and some crowd pleaser songs. Anyway, my life has been in the preparation and planning of this concert in addition to everything else in my crazy life.
I keep saying that life will slow down....I now know it won't. I just need to do my best to move forward the best I can in the midst of it all. Next week will be a true test of my endurance. I have a dress rehearsal, bridal shower for my wonderful sister in law, practice run for super saturday, the concert, and then super saturday (I am on the enrichment commitee). Bring on October 12th!!!!!